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Mission in Action.


Animals without Limits have just finished another big mission. Many updates will follow during these days.

When it’s time for mission many things needs to be planed, and several people are involved. We started planning this mission in the beginning of July, and finally we could execute it.

Documents, collecting donations, booking drivers, taking off from work, animal sitters for our own animals back home. Coordinations, loading and unloading…. I can go on…. at the end, when you lost those two extra kg…. It’s amazing!

Elisabeth Kruse collected material for the shelter down in south Italy. She loaded the things into the truck she hired. Friend Steve, together with Lis drove the donations down to the CEO’s garage were her children helped unloading. Couple of days later, we loaded the donations into another truck going down (pictures coming)

Thank you all wonderful people that donated towels, dog beds, cleaning material, dog food, buckets, cat dishes, etc etc

Elisabeth with animal friends, THANK YOU!

….. more updates to come


Mia, we love you video


Watch the video 

Six years ago we moved from Italy up to Germany, It was my saddest time in life.

I had to leave my dream. My dream that I together with others had built up so hard.

A Senior Sanctuary Hospice, that we name Casa dell Amore!

The volunteers made me this beautiful “good bye” video, and yesterday!! I got it from one

of AWL’s great volunteers Chiara Ricci. I hadn’t seen the videp since I left 2011 in Bella Napoli.

I want to point out that AWL still are doing amazing work, and one day soon, I will have mz dream back again.

That’s Amore!

(in the video are my two beautiful children, today they are ( (soon 10y and 12 y -old)

So many amazing rescuers, people and animals. Thank you for walking next to me on this journey, Mission Pawsably.Dicky and me