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“Rats” they are Cute



For many months has my daughter wished for rats. I have to admit I wasn’t that happy with the thought. One part of me said, You have heard that they are intelligent and great pets. The other part of me said, Not in my home with ten dogs. And, Rats! They are kind of…. I couldn’t find the right word, only the feeling. Rats had been a long symbol of death and pestilence, they haunt our nightmares and scuttle in our walls, scaly tails dragging behind them. And rats cause billions of dollars in damage!!

However, my daughter had only one wish. The rats had to be adopted, not bought.

To my suprise, it wasn’t hard to find rats to adopt. Several families didn’t  have the time anymore.

Spoons and Grace are now members of the AWL household team, educating us more about rodents.

They’re VERY social so it’s best to have more than one rat!

To be honest! I love them (my children and two of the dogs) They are incradable sweet, easy, intillegent and very clean– cleaner than a cat (true fact). When I enter the room they run to the cage door (cage is huge) and waits for me to open and take them out.

Never judge rats until you have really get to know them!

That’s Amore!

PS Thank you Diana for helping with the adoption.




Animal Studies


Pictures taken by Ariane, Kahl-Gaertner

Animals are here to help children learn to listen in a different way. Remembering how to use their hearts. They are our future, and I believe in them.

I have to tell you, I got the best Tuesdays.

During the whole week am I longing for my Tuesdays, to meet my students again. They are between 5 y-old to 12 y-old. Amazing, and inspires me a lot too. The classroom vibrates in Unicorn-passion.

Yesterday we discussed about safety for dogs, harmful collars, electrical collars, chocking chains, a no no leaving the animal in a cage the whole day.

About Sweden’s law that if you leave a dog in a crate, the door must be removed.

Why you shouldn’t throw your dog on their back as a punishment. And of course, a AWL rescue story with a happy ending.

I also include them to teach me. To do a show and tell about their pet(s) or favourite animal that they find interesting.

Yesterday did my “firecracker” girl talk about her birds, and especially one named Sunshine.

I am so blessed to be able to talk to children about pets and wild animals. What we humans do wrong, and what we can do to make it right.

The picture with the the puppies was two weeks ago when we learned about safety, and how to act around dogs (on the dogs conditions) How to use our voice and body… yelling and running or hugging. Let the dog come to you.

The children and my teachers aid totally agree; we need more time. It’s so much fun and inspiring. Every child should have this on their school schedule.

I am so blessed…..That’s Amore!