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Miracle the Miracle


Miracle January 2018

This Napoletano boy is fantastic strong and stubborn with a big loving heart. I am so proud of him, a true Miracle. Like I mentioned earlier, he is 26-year-old former riding school horse that we “adopted” to give him retirement.

In the last posting, you can read about his abscess that was really bad and painful. Thanks to great veterinarian team, great horse care and YOU all that helped with donations, we can today tell you that he has healed wonderfully.

Yesterday when we took off the bandage, he walked like a 4-year-old stallion.

Miracle is a true Miracle. So proud of his fighting spirit.

That’s Amore!


AWL Retirement Home



Our first very client was Tequila; born (2006) as a star in Brazil with a big hope for becoming a wining racehorse. Tequila traveled with his team to many places, Dubai, Sweden and many more. He had an accident as a five year old and was put in a box, but never recovered. His spirit was fine but his body was now useless being a Racehorse. Tequila was going to be put down to sleep. A person stepped in to rescue, but a veterinarian demanded that Tequila should be put down since she claimed he also had osteoarthritis in his front legs.
The time was being scheduled but when the owner/rescue lady came home with Tequila and saw him run out in the pasture, full of life, she listens to her gut and canceled the appointment for euthanization.
Maya’s ability to rehabilitate horses—he become healthy and have had some good last years without competition or pressure. Still Tequila is having a great life as an retirement horse AWL Sweden. The veterinarain last week was positive suprised that Tequila still got fantastic “sparkle” inside of him. Thank you Maya Landvik.

I am someoneMiracle, 26 years old, born in Poland is a wonderful former riding school horse from southern Italy. He is now since 0ct 2017 together with us. Miracle gained some weight, got his hoofs trimmed (shoes off)
His life is now green grass, big box (6×4 m)
friends and fantastic walks in the forrest. Thank you Tracey Kleber, without you we wouldn’t have done it this fast.

What Miracle wants to do, he gets to do.

We listen.

That’s Amore!