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Julia is another beautiful soul that whispers, “I am someone!”

Me, and my daughter arrived at the stable to meet Julia a very sweet mare that truly deserves a calm retirement doing what horses love to do… be a horse. 

Julia is 19 year-old former polo horse — is now together with us. Very skinny and kind of closed in with her feelings. Its like I sometimes is walking a machine. However, she loves when we walk in the woods. Ears forward and looking around positive, like a new world for her. When she goes into a sand arena her pulse start to race. So right now we avoid that place.

We absolutely need your help to give her the help she is worthy; to live peacefully, to walk in green pastures, receive all the help she requires; veterinarian, massage, acupuncture, osteopath, dentist, farrier, healthy food, vitamins, and horse equipment, stable rent.

Julia truly deserves the best retirement ever after years of hard work as a polo-horse.

Ideally, would be to have you become an AWL Horse Hero. This would give Julia right away the support she needs, for the rest of her life. If you cannot make a monthly donation, AWL is also grateful for one-time donation. DONATE HERE


Miracle’s Story

This beautiful boy is a 31- year-old gelding who was born in Poland and was rescued by AWL from a riding school in Southern Italy.  When we first met Miracle his eyes were so sad and he looked like he was giving up on life.  We knew in a minute that he had to come live with us at our Senior Sanctuary. So we immediately made the arrangements and, when the day came Miracle was such a trooper. He boarded the transporter and made the journey to Germany, never looking back.

He is now living out his retirement in a way that makes him really happy. Miracle loves to be part of everything you do. With his big head, he loves to push you around. (We call him our American Football player.) He loves to be with humans, especially the children, and to be ridden a little each week. Pleasure riding. He still wants to be seen and to be appreciated for who he is and not a machine. Food is a big passion of his. He always searches all your pockets for more carrots. If you don’t have any more he pushes you away like; “Go and get me some more!”

His life is good. But as a senior horse (just like senior people) he needs extra care and AWL needs help to ensure that he will never go without.  Won’t you please be an AWL Horse Hero for Miracle.  He (and we) will be forever grateful for your support. Read more here!


Rihanna’s Story

Rihanna is a 22-year-old Warrior Princess. She is not only gorgeous, but she has enormous charisma. She is bold. She is a fighter. She was born in The Netherlands in 1998 and was taken to Italy many years ago and became a good jumping horse.

We don’t know exactly when or what happened, but along the way she had an accident that ended her jumping career. The stable decided to make her a riding school horse, but she was too fast and scared the riding students. It was not what she wanted to do.

We got a call from the school asking if we could take Rihanna, along with her friend GummiBear, as we had already brought Miracle from the school to our Sanctuary. We, of course, said YES!

Her beauty charmed us. We were amazed by her energy. She told us “no one is going to tell me what to do”. She reared and ran like a rocket. We took our time with her. We walked and trotted her to help her understand that she didn’t have to run all the time. We listened to learn what she wanted to do in her retirement.

After the first few weeks, Rihanna made it very clear to us that standing in a box the whole time was not how she wanted to spend the next few years of her life. She was very anxious for us to get the saddle on her and take her out to the jumping arena. Not to jump, but to walk around in the atmosphere amongst the jumps and the other riders. And on a sunny day, we take her out to the green pasture which she hadn’t seen in years. She is now happy.

Rihanna has such a strong, fighting spirit. She is easily frustrated if you don’t listen to her energies. She has a lot to teach us, humans.

And we want to give a lot back in return. In addition to regular veterinary treatments, she is receiving special osteopathic care and acupuncture. It is clearly apparent that she has never received proper dental care, so we are working to get her teeth into the best shape possible.

Would you like to be an AWL Horse Hero for Rihanna? Please help this beautiful girl so she knows that she can continue to be feisty, but she no longer needs to fight. She can now enjoy her remaining years in peace and security. Read more here!

Gummibär died 2019

GummiBear’s Story

GummiBear was born in Munich, Germany and is 26 years old. He was sold and then transferred to various parts of Southern Italy as a riding school horse. He spent many, many years of his life carrying people around on his back. Patiently waiting for the day when he would no longer be a piece of equipment for the school. And clearly, his usefulness to the school was diminishing as we got the call asking if we would come and take him and bring him to our Sanctuary. Again, we said ABSOLUTELY!

The end of February 2018 we went and picked up GummiBear, along with his friend Rihanna, and transported him to Germany. When he got off the transporter he looked rough and very tired from the journey. It was clear that he needed some major TLC. He has since been diagnosed with Equine Cushings Disease and we discovered that he has a heart murmur. We have started him on a protocol of special medications and acupuncture to treat his conditions. And we are giving him a lot of love to treat his spirit.

GummiBear didn’t want to be ridden in the beginning and we obeyed him. Lately, he started to show signs that now, now was he ready to do some “enjoyment” ridings together with kind people. Still, he loves long walks in the forest or working off a little energy in the riding arena. And he especially loves spending time in the big green pasture with his friend Miracle, also rescued from the Italian riding school.

His body and heart are getting better however, you can see that he has had a rough life. The AWL Team is giving him time to heal at his own tempo. And little by little you can see a spark coming back to his eyes.

GummiBear needs you to step up and be an AWL Horse Hero! After years of service, he deserves a retirement full of love and care. Read more here!

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