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One day, not so long ago, I received an e-mail, and attached to which was this picture. The writer told me that this dog had been sitting like this on base for two days, in the rain. The person who wrote the letter couldn’t do anything about the situation and therefore asked for help,–We got the message late that afternoon, so the dog catcher had already caught the dog. We knew for sure these shelters are nothing pleasant to sit in, once inside the camp, there’s realistic no way out.

It’s cold, the food is not even healthy, and adopting a big dog is 1 % chance in one year. Here there are thousands of big dogs.

My animal friend Tammy called and we agreed she would go and get the dog from the dog catchers before the dog got to the shelter.

I called Lega Pro and told them a client of AWL would come in, we wanted a health check, castration, de-worming and Frontline. And I asked if he could stay there for three days.

Tammy got hold of the dog, brought him out to LegaPro where they were both greeted. The lady that had sent me the e-mail , posted an add on the Naples All Hands (an online classified advertisement service for the US Navy personnel here), and from above an angel family replied, saying they would love to foster him. Michael and Tatiana are these angels.

Michael and his wife Tatiana, with 2 small children, brought him home to give him a warm place until they will decide if they can keep him or foster him until a fantastic forever home comes along. They tell us that Zeus is a fantastic, gentle, warmhearted dog; they adore him.
Thanks to all this fantastic teamwork we could do magic for Zeus. Thank you Tammy for driving, thank you for all the donations so we can medicate and spay and neuter our fury friends. Lega Pro Animale, thank you for your always kindness. The family Michael and Tatiana, for love and also coming to AWL’s hospice helping and donating a lot of things. And the cake yesterday, was fantastic. That’s Amore.