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Keegan’s last mission with AWL (at least for now) was the 30th of December, because she was getting reassigned to a unit in Philadelphia early in January. We wanted to send her off with a video “thank you”, and here it is:



AWL had a nice, but short day at Rossella’s shelter today. Walking, cleaning plastic pallets, brushing and loving these dogs. They give us much love and thankfulness back, so everyone gets emotional since we feel we cannot do enough–we want to bring them home with us.

This handsome fellow was so happy to see his “groomer” Darren again.

Vince, our calm and gentle guy loving-up on the dogs, plenty of treats were also given.

Vince and the AWL team got plastic pallets to the shelter and here it was time to clean them. Thank you all for making it happen. We love you guys!
Tomorrow; amazing people’s donations to AWL–hope you will get inspiration(s)



AWL went today out to Rossella Shelter; clean dogs, clean cages and kiss and hug them.
The puppy group got a lot of Amore from our great volunteers, Olivia and Jackie. Thanks Jackie for bringing towels and treats. As always, your heart is big.

Our Lupetta that had two of her back legs broken–been in the shelter for 3 years –is making progress. Thanks to my fantastic warm hearted volunteer Lindy. Lindy is re-habing Lupetta with; taking her out asap, gives her water and great treats, gives her a bath and massage, and working with her back legs. Today, Lupetta was outside for her first time in 3 years! (I am on the inside Shelter taking the picture)

Here I am holding Lupetta. Your donations are helping AWL rescue dogs, thank you everyone.

From Sweden, in my baggage back to Italy, I had great donations package from Malaro Farskfoder
Bags of dried goodies (pig ears, lamb tummy, pigtails, tasty crackers salmon etc) Great shampoo that are helping and soothing skin problems. Thank you Tina, you made so many dogs happy. They got something tasty and wonderful to nibble on, making time go faster in their cages. We were so touched to watch them.
This was another Amore Bitter Sweet Day
Thank you every one, you were as always a good great hard working Animal Friend!
Keegan, Kristin, Lindy, Charity, Eric, Ethan, Rebeca, Ben, Jackie, Olivia, Todd, Blanca with friend, Rossella and her two Italian volunteers, and Mia.
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More Hot Heros


Linda is a super trooper volunteer. She is loving, got speed and she is confident, just what AWL and the dogs need.

Jenny is a Swedish girl, living together with her Italian boyfriend in Napoli. Jenny is our translator and washer, a darn good one.
It was very hot this day so we didn’t mind ourselves getting wet.

The volunteers used cups of water to wet those dogs down that was afraid of the hose. That is Amore thinking volunteers!

This German Shepard was a new comer to the Rossella shelter and was in a big need of grooming. The handy Mandy guys..Darren and Eric did wonders.

Darren and Erci cutting of some dreadlocks. What an Amore day! Thank you ALL.

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AWL Cleaning Day


AWL packed their cars with blankets and shampoo, treats and equipment, and drove out to Rosella’s Shelter to clean a lot of dogs. In +32 c, strong sun, the volunteers Jenny, Jackie, Darren, Linda, Vince, Anthony, Elisabeth, Todd and Eric was a perfect group. They accomplished so much and no errors were made.

This beautiful sweet dog has a problem with her back legs, it seems like they have been broken. Her fur was thinned to half–she looked so slim and beautiful afterwards– and being washed, we could tell she loved every minute of Linda’s and Jenny’s love

Eric, our trooper among big dogs, did a fantastic job on these strong dogs together with Kristine.

Kristene stepped in assisting everyone, here she helped Linda rinse the dog with a cup instead of the hose that scared this little girl.
AFN filmed and helped out so wonderfully with these dogs, Vince, Elisabeth and Anthony thanks for spending a Saturday, filming the situation and inspiring others to join in the future.
All, thank you for you Amore and Healing hands today!
Photos Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

Dog Walking


What a fantastic surprise, so many volunteers in my garden! A short briefing before driving to the shelter.
Handicapped dogs got to enjoy the life outside the cage too.
The young volunteers played and made so many rescue dogs happy and also surprised, with all the amore.

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Pictures: Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.

Dog Walking Mission Success!


Big AWL thanks to every one of the approximately 70 people who showed up to walk the shelter dogs on Saturday, 1 August. What an amazing turnout! We I know the dogs really appreciated the exercise, attention and affection you all provided.

More information, follow up and pictures later. Just a super dog~human day.

Pictures: Copyright (c) 2009, Todd A. Mercer. All Rights Reserved.