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 This is a true story about friendship, loyalty and commitment, from the beginning until the end —  and it will have a good ending.  Not everyone is this lucky, but AWL focuses on the life they are holding in their hands.  It is a promise to life and soul.

Two loyal animal rescuers, Martina and Chiara Ricci, recently stopped outside a fenced in field owned by a farmer.   There was a lock on the gate. They sensed something was not right and went to the locked gate to have a look. Their eyes widened out of horror when they saw the skinniest dog — she was only skin and bones — in a tragic condition, She even wagged her tail when they said some kind words to her. They couldn’t leave her in there.  They saw a farmer and asked him if this was his dog? He said “no,” he was also upset and knew the owner wouldn’t come back in some time.

The farmer got the fence open by kicking it and the dog was brought out. The young women took her to the veterinarian. The female dog seemed to feel safe with the young women; she already had faith in them.  

But at the veterinarian clinic her anxiety broke out, she didn’t understand that they wanted to help her.  For her, the survival instinct kicked in. The veterinarian did his best to examine her, but he was concerned .

She was brought to the hospice and medication together with nutritional food was her treatment, and of course security and affection.  They sat with her on the floor talking to her, taking it slowly to earn her trust. Bonnie noticed that she could trust them and started to open up like a flower in bloom. Chiara took her for check-ups at the veterinarian clinic, and slowly she started to gain weight, her stomach became much better and her trust was magnificent to watch grow. 

She played with the other dogs at the clinic; she started to greet other volunteers that came. She became a beauty. When she became healthier and had tripled her weight from when she was found, she was ready to be sterilized.  Chiara was teary eyed when she saw Bonnie being more confident at the clinic, they had

 worked hard to give her the promise that no more pain or abandonment. Bonnie, it seemed, understood.

One woman wanted to adopt Bonnie, and a lot of research went on to see if this woman was right for Bonnie.  In the end,  they found a loving couple with another dog in the beautiful area of Lugano in Switzerland. Rabies and Leichaminiosis tests werestarted to make ready for the Passport. 

21 more days and her new mother was eager to have her with them. 

The day came when it was time to say good-bye to Bonnie and it was bittersweet. The volunteer women’s hearts were going to miss Bonnie tremendously but their heads were telling them this was the best thing for her future. Bonnie’s new mom made the transformation much easier by posting pictures about herself and home so we all could follow Bonnie’s continued development at her new home.

These are the beautiful pictures that we all volunteers can sit and admire, a normal beautiful girl having her dream home. That’s Amore

Thank you Martina & Chiara for never giving up on her, never complaining or showing a lack of patience.
AWL Hospice volunteers for giving her love and hope and building her up mentally and healthy. As always Dr. Damiani and Dr. Fransesco for helping us holding the bills down. And to all you supporters that make this possible to rescue a wonderful souland carry her back to “normal”, thank you for your donations. Without you, we can not  exist.
Mavi Meo thank you for opening up your home to Bonnie and also for all the donations to Hospice Casa dell’ Amore.

 Thank you all, you give us and the world hope. 

Shelter Mission Video


Here’s an Animoto video of our recent Shelter Mission. Have a look!



Keegan’s last mission with AWL (at least for now) was the 30th of December, because she was getting reassigned to a unit in Philadelphia early in January. We wanted to send her off with a video “thank you”, and here it is:



AWL had a nice, but short day at Rossella’s shelter today. Walking, cleaning plastic pallets, brushing and loving these dogs. They give us much love and thankfulness back, so everyone gets emotional since we feel we cannot do enough–we want to bring them home with us.

This handsome fellow was so happy to see his “groomer” Darren again.

Vince, our calm and gentle guy loving-up on the dogs, plenty of treats were also given.

Vince and the AWL team got plastic pallets to the shelter and here it was time to clean them. Thank you all for making it happen. We love you guys!
Tomorrow; amazing people’s donations to AWL–hope you will get inspiration(s)



AWL went today out to Rossella Shelter; clean dogs, clean cages and kiss and hug them.
The puppy group got a lot of Amore from our great volunteers, Olivia and Jackie. Thanks Jackie for bringing towels and treats. As always, your heart is big.

Our Lupetta that had two of her back legs broken–been in the shelter for 3 years –is making progress. Thanks to my fantastic warm hearted volunteer Lindy. Lindy is re-habing Lupetta with; taking her out asap, gives her water and great treats, gives her a bath and massage, and working with her back legs. Today, Lupetta was outside for her first time in 3 years! (I am on the inside Shelter taking the picture)

Here I am holding Lupetta. Your donations are helping AWL rescue dogs, thank you everyone.

From Sweden, in my baggage back to Italy, I had great donations package from Malaro Farskfoder
Bags of dried goodies (pig ears, lamb tummy, pigtails, tasty crackers salmon etc) Great shampoo that are helping and soothing skin problems. Thank you Tina, you made so many dogs happy. They got something tasty and wonderful to nibble on, making time go faster in their cages. We were so touched to watch them.
This was another Amore Bitter Sweet Day
Thank you every one, you were as always a good great hard working Animal Friend!
Keegan, Kristin, Lindy, Charity, Eric, Ethan, Rebeca, Ben, Jackie, Olivia, Todd, Blanca with friend, Rossella and her two Italian volunteers, and Mia.
More pictures and text later and please visit