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Children are very important factors in our worlds growing and developing. They have fresh minds and do not have an inner voice that stops them. They talk as they feel, no double messages, only straight forward fact and insight.

Olivia’s school was having their Science Expo 2011 and her teacher thought it would also be a wonderful idea if Olivia with classmates would have one exibit about Animals Without limits, next to their Penguin exhibit. The teacher, Ms Linderman, thought it was very important to teach children of all ages about the problem we are having with a lot of abandoned and sick dogs. She supports our idea that it is better to leave the strays as they are if you don’t have a Plan A and Plan B.

The Expo was so much fun and the children did great handing out fliers and stickers, not to forget the lollipops (what a good trick, mom!) We had more than 100 children visiting our table and Olivia and her friends did a fantastic job giving the information out.

Suddenly we heard one five year old say “Oh my Gosh!

It is so great what you do!” We had a big “folder” with pictures that showed: Picture one; One dog is laying receiving IV (We give medications)

Picture two; 30 bags of dog food (we give food donations)

Picture three; A dog behind a broken cage, (we make sure that dogs will be saved)/div>
Picture four; A child is kissing an old dog (we make sure they get love)

What was amazing with the children was their curiosity and desire to learn, but no fear of seeing something unpleasant. Many adults looked away saying “Oh, I cannot look at that.” Many times their questions were inspiring and challenging, and not to forget: they are our future. That’s Amore.


Freya from Holland is a new great volunteer at our Hospice. She washed all the Great Danes, later on with help from another fantastic volunteer Sarah (GB) Friday afternoon while we are cleaning we share a bottle of vine. Funny how easier it is to clean!

My Dicky, rescued from the streets put in a shelter on a wet cold concrete with a lot of disease. I drove quickly and pick him up. He is the sweetest thing, always happy. Even when he gets shots at the clinic, is his tail going like a drumstick.

Our two (out of three) mini German Shepards keeps us busy cleaning while they keep themselves busy playing and fighting.

Four Great Dane puppies now got loving homes. We are so happy for them. Today a beautiful family came and fell in love with a female they named Dolce.

One of our oldies Tiger 15y old are now feeling at home at the hospice and sleeps comfortable on the sofa.

Michelle adopted a female Mini German Shepard that are living in a house now together with a cat. We wish you all luck.

Leo 15y that never went inside houses. Well this morning he did. My heart is full of joy. My beloved Leo.

Maybe he didn’t like me that much, but I gave him a bath since his fur is so full of parasites. Amazing, before no one could touch him and here, I gave him bath and he stood still.

We also once in a while get wonderful energetic children to volunteer. We learn a lot from them, and hopefully they can be our hope for the future about kindness to animals.

Angel 17y enjoying his chewing bone outside in the sun. That’s what AWL Hospice is about. Relaxing pain free enjoyment.

Male and female Mini German Shepards adopted by a wonderful warm generous family from Holland. They named them “Bonnie and Clyde”
Our days are full off Amore, and we hope or clients enjoys their five star Hospice Thats’ Amore.