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The days are flying so fast away, and its been busy here at the Senior Sanctuary ( ChaCha wouldn’t like to be called a Senior yet!)

I am so thankful to our veterinarian, Frau Kast and her team at the Tier Artz. Our Italian clients are being taken cared of with a lot care and love.

Leah is healing wonderful after her tumor surgery last week. And I am so happy we took the chance to put her under surgery despite her age. Leah was examined before the surgery, and she got a very strong heart. If we wouldn’t have done the surgery, she would probably have had a couple of months to live.

We look at the client, the value of the dogs life, but we never take away an animal because we are afraid.

The blood test from ChaCha came back. I decided for a BIG blood analyse to take away many things that were possible for her to have.

She gained weight without eating much, so veterinarian Frau Kast suspected it could be the thyroid that was not working properly. And she was right!

Now Cha Cha is on medication, and after one month we have to take a new bloodtest to see how she is responding to her new medicine.

I had had the feeling that something wasn’t ok with ChaCha, on the outside she looked fine, but I got the “mother feeling” And I was right!

Wonderful team work and amazing results when we all listen to each other.

That’s Amore!

Diagnosed with Cancer


This is Trooper Rescue Dog. We rescued him from a shelter, he rescued us with Love, we rescued him from Cancer.
Yes! Our beloved Trooper is Cancer Free!
A couple of months ago he was diagnosed with an aggressive cancer in his urine bladder.  The veterinarian said he only had a short time on this Earth. Devastated we went home, of course together with Trooper.
Miracles Love, 

Truffle Update with Friend


(In Italian)

Update from October 29th)
We visited Truffle this morning, and found out he is taking care of a young, female. She is thin as a skeleton, and we named her Hunty. So sweet that it tears your heart in pieces, painful because you cannot provide them a warm home.

A drafty skeletal house, dirt, weeds and mud.It was so nice to see Truffle again, he and my daughter Olivia were cuddling up to each other, him closing his eyes letting go in human-child love.

Both Truffle and Hunty were famished! We offered them the can of dog food I always carry with me, and they inhaled it! Truffle seems to be doing well, although he limps from what appears to be an old wound, and has a scar on the right side of his face that looks like a grin. Hunty is doing much worse, it seems. She is skin-and-bones thin, with her hip-bones jutting out through her skin. I know she’d make somebody a great companion and maybe a hunting dog.

Truffle stayed close to Olivia. He seemed to sense her animal Amore, even at her young age. She’s a great partner on our “missions”.

Dr. Inga and I will visit Truffle and Hunty again soon, to check up on Hunty’s eyes, and Truffle’s limp. Hopefully, we will be able to routinely feed them too, to make sure they gain some weight, especially Hunty.

Here’s some warm Amore for two loveable strays as the weather gets colder.

Abbiamo visitato Truffle questa mattina, e abbiamo scoperto che lui si prende cura di una giovane cucciola.. ma lei e magrissima, di ossa e pelle. La abbiamo dato il nome Hunty. E cosi dolce che si spezza il cuore guardandola ed e cosi doloroso sentirsi di non essere in grado a poterli dare una casa bella calda.

Invece questi due si trovano in una casa abbandonata sporchissima, fredda e schifosa.
Era cosi bello rivedere Truffle di nuovo. Lui e la mia figlia Olivia si coccolavano, e lui chiudeva gli occhi lasciando cadere la testa nel braccio della Oliva. Aveva tanto bisogno di quel tipo di amore che possiamo soltanto dare noi persone, e molte volte riescono ancora di piu i nostri bambini.
Truffle e Hunty avevano una fame… Abbiamo dato a loro la scattoletta di cibo che porto sempre con me. Truffle sembra di stare bene. anche se faticava un po mentre camminava per via di una vecchia ferita. (Lui ha una cicatrice lungha sul lato destra del viso che fa sembrare che sorride sempre. )

Hunty sta molto peggio, almeno sembra. E davvero troppo magra, si vedono tutte le osse. So che lei potrebbe diventare una cucciola fantastica a qualcuno o magari anche un cane di caccia.

Truffle e rimasto vicino a Olivia. Sembrava quasi come se avesse capito quanto vuole bene agli animali la Olivia. Infatti Olivia e un partner perfetto quando andiamo a fare Missions”.
Dr. Inga e io andremmo presto a visitare Truffle e Hunty di nuovo. Per controllare gli occhi di Hunty e tutto il resto. Speriamo di potergli dare sempre da mangiare in modo per fargli ingrassare , especialmente Hunty che ne ha davvero bisogno.

Mandiamo tanto Amore a questi due bellissimi randagi specialmente ora che il tempo diventera sempre piu freddo…