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Street Dogs and People Heal their Inner Anger in Different Ways


The insecurity inside of us can make it difficult to balance a direct communication with balanced feelings. Often it is our own egos that put a stop to the unconditional love for ourselves and others. When we understand that it is ourselves that we have to love without criticizing, the fears that pierce our hearts will disappear.
We are created by the Universe and are perfect.
Once again, I read from my notebook. How could a dog be that spiritual deeper than myself, a human?
Immediately I was ashamed over my own thought. Who was I to judge or condemn?
The wise street dog that sat beside me would not be owned by anyone.
His eyes were glittering humbly, and still I was ashamed even more by my previous notion of superiority.
I realized that although his freedom would be short on the streets, he was ok with it. For him the freedom was not to be on anyone’s “leash” and moreover, freedom had no sense of time.
Once more, I felt shame over my own faith experiences. The more people (and street dogs) I encounter, I come to realize that it is about how I reacte to other people and animals. It shows who I really am.
There are no suicides among stray dogs.
When you have love for yourselves and for all, no one will be able to destroy you. We stray dogs give each other respect, and respect where we are in our own development.
We see you as lovable people. Your attitude to us animals shows where you are on life’s path. When you stop receiving lessons you will be hard-hearted and dare no longer to love anymore. You become judgmental people. An aggressive dog has not been badly treated by life in itself, but by man within that life. An aggressive street dog also knows that it is difficult to survive with aggression, and walks away to be alone and heal itself. While an aggressive man is not only attacking himself, but the entire Universe, the Earth, man and Animals.
Love the Universe with all your heart, mind, and strength. Then you can love your neighbor as yourself. We all come from the same source.
That’s Amore!
Mia Mattsson-Mercer


                 Animals do not Fear Death
 (You can read my column in Swedish here, Tidningen Nara 
Death may scare most of us humans, but it does not scare the animals. For the Other Side and Life are the same for them. 
Life will never end!
I have never experienced the Other Side for us humans. But I took part of the “Animals” Other side ones. The strong experience happened to me in the early 1990s and since then it has always comforted me when I work with sick animals.
In my first book, “Listen When Animals Speak” (Forum 2000) I wrote about my experience. At that time, I went to a masseuse who also worked with Body Harmony. That made me curious. “You can experience the past life,” said the female masseur to me. I did as she said, but without much expectations. I breathed deeply and directly everything felt very pleasant. I just was!
Suddenly, a black and white muscular stallion cantered behind my closed eyelids in full figure. He was handsome and proud and had enormous charisma that gave me security and confidence. The stallion had control over all the other horses cantering around and finally they gathered behind him. They were all in a valley where the grass was green and juicy, and I saw everything so clearly, even dewdrops on each blade of the grass!
 I had never seen such a fantastic green grass before. The colors were magnificent and there was a great calm. The horses cantered past me and finally came Sigge, my horse that I had been euthanized a couple of months earlier. I could feel his presence so strong!
When I opened my eyes, I was totally confused and almost in a small state of shock. It had been like for every thought I thought, it became as if my eyes were zooming in like a camera lens. Everything was so peaceful and beautiful, that I wanted to go back there again. I longed!
I realized that life is not merely a loss, death and grief. There is a reason for everything, even death. A new door opens for those who leave the Earth, but also for those who remains.
A Labrador communicated to me just before she left her Earthly life: “We give you our whole heart and love, regardless of who you are. We give unconditionally love to our owners, as to all others we meet during our time on Earth. 
In the life time without any end! “
That’s Amore
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RIP, my wonderful handsome Sven.
This time I couldn’t save you. You had already decided to leave me.  I would have been a selfish fool if I would have stopped you.
I guess when Universe decided to give you such a huge heart, he felt the need to also give you this disability. You had such a charisma, glowing around you. 
Even when you spoke and we all laughed, and you got all exited. 

Always sleeping in my arms.
You were so full of life and love, and spread so many smiles to our hearts. I never met someone like you.
You got air under your wings to fly away, alone I stand here and cannot fly with you. 
You left Earth to early….. and me
#epilepsy #seizures 



Our President writes weekly for Swedish Magazine NARA. WE translated her text into English.


Living with former stray dogs is a wonderful learning experience. For several years I have followed individual street dogs or families groups among the strays.  The sense of freedom I feel with them is a kind of independence, as in constant meditation!
For me, stray dogs are my mini- Buddhists. They teach me a lot about being in touch with the present.  I am their student, invited to take part in the school of life.  Street dogs have no expectations!  And so, they have no disappointments.  Expectations are something I wrestle with in many different situations. Stay dogs are unconditional love.  I often try to love unconditionally.  In my “pack” of former strays, when we rest together during the day everything feels like fulfillment.  
Street dogs’ intuition is outstanding. They listen to their inner compass; their intuition is as a survival tool for them.  I practice with my own inner compass, to rely more on my intuition.  If they receive food, they are happy, content and satisfied.  They don’t seek to have more than they need.
Yet I still practice my desires, with dreams that I can strive for and share with fellow human beings.
When (stray) dogs are adopted, within two weeks they stop to use their internal compass.  In most cases they will be “reprogrammed ” by their new owners, just as what happens with most children.  Children also drop their intuition, as they get older.  As adults and parents, we think for the children.  It is hard not to, they need our direction, guidance and experience to learn and grow.  Or so we tell ourselves.  The same things we do for most of the dogs.  We teach them the human language, which eventually replaces their inner knowledge, their intuition.  When we dare to rely as much on intuition as children and stray dogs do, we find our own divinity within our purpose and ourselves.  We can learn and teach out our knowledge and have more compassion. To find a balance with the inner knowledge and to dare share the wisdom together with our community. Close your eyes!  Do not look at who’s coming with a wisdom message for you, but listen and the book of knowledge opens up in your mind.
We do not know who our teachers are! Let your expectations vanish and open your heart to your inner compass.  I thank my mini- Buddhists for this life’s wisdom.  They have a free mind without an ego, such that I aspire to myself.
I’m trying to remember what my soul already knows.
That’s Amore !

Mia Mattsson-Mercer



On our Earth there are many angels.  

Often, we don’t hear about them or know when we are looking at them.  One band of angles I can see are the animal rescuers and them working behind the scenes to save these souls.  They don’t seek out the limelight. They don’t put out pictures of themselves; for many of us, they can be invisible.

I know them, I see them, I follow them and I call them my animal friends.  I love being around them, watching them work their hearts.

The young woman had finished her human work for the day, and was heading to the coffee place together with her sister.  From the corner of her eye, she saw him.

Her heart stopped when she looked into his big, adorable, chestnut eyes that melted her heart.

“Oh no,” she thought.

The skinny little puppy hesitantly walked up to her, a little shy and resistant since he couldn’t read her eyes clearly.  
He saw that her eyes had mixed emotions.

The young woman felt as lost as he was.  Her heart was immediately taken with him! She bent down and said some few words in Italian to him.  On spindly legs, he walked up to her and felt her gentle, warm arms lifting him up.  He felt safe for the first time in what seemed to him as a very long time.  He was not scared anymore, and not alone.

The lady had so many worries of her own, but she couldn’t leave him on the street.  Not like that, in the cold nights and with a skeleton body.  
Many people don’t know that this is happening every day, sick puppies and sick dogs.  Those who live together with this view day after day, either harden their hearts to it, or their Angel hearts are hurt many times over.  
This lady has an Angel heart.  
Her heart hurts to lose so many beautiful souls to the diseases that are rampant there.  These angles care about the souls, take them in even with the knowledge that they will too soon leave.

She named him Rudolph, “Rudy”.

Back home, her other dogs gathered around him with curious eyes and welcoming tails, and sniffed his weak, little body.  He felt accepted, and felt safe to sleep inside the warm house. The next day the lady and her boyfriend drove to the veterinarian and had him checked and vaccinated.  Rudy sat up making sure the nice lady was with him the whole time.  In the car on the way back home Rudy, sat nicely and calmly in her lap, content to be someone’s love.

 Many people saw his picture and fell madly in love with him.  His soul was so fragile and beautiful, like you could see his soul-colors dancing around him.

But already the next day, his soul started to lose the brightness.  One could almost watch it, minute by minute, changing from being colorful to weak electricity, losing its power like a draining battery.  The lady was terrified again!

She knew about the horrible diseases endemic in the area:  Parvo and Distemper.
She cried!   
She was no stranger to this, she had found dogs that had been very ill before.  She knew the look of their soft eyes searching hers to show their thankfulness before leaving Earth for good.  They know what is coming, even as we humans are oblivious or deny it even to ourselves.

The pain escalated, she couldn’t handle having a loving soul die in her arms again. 
 “Life is unfair!” she screamed inside of her head. 
  But still she loved, comforted and protected Rudy.

She was tired of rescuing, tired of the feeling helpless she swore.  She was tired of so many people’s nonchalance and superficial problems.  So tired of hearing complainants about things that could be fixed so easily — things that paled in comparison to a life like Rudy’s.  

Where were these complainers when you were holding a little life in your arms, one that would soon be gone forever?

For a long 48 hours she cried, beside her, her boyfriend felt helpless to ease her pain.  Both hearts were crying out to the Universe to help Rudy and ease their sorrow and pain.

But the Universe had other plans, and as unfair and cruel as it was, the Universe used this couple to help Rudy in another way. 
Rudy could feel safe for the first time in his short life. Because of their love, he would pass over to the Rainbow Bridge with light steps, with no fear in his heart. 
He would meet the other dogs our Angels have loved and helped, and together they would say, “ We meet the Angels on Earth, too”

Little Rudy wagged his tail, looked down on Martina and Pio and saw the pain in their hearts.  “Oh no!  Please don’t close your hearts.  It is because of Angels like you that we still have hope on Earth.  We send our broken souls to you since we see the glow of your special light.  For you it was a painful 48 hours; for me, it was the a warmest, loving lifetime. I didn’t die on cold, wet concrete alone without feeling loved.”

We can all be Angels.  Please don’t look away!  Our hearts have a special code, the code of Hope!  The code of love!

That’s Amore

(via Mia Mattsson-Mercer)