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It is like magic when the post man delivers big packages into your hospice, and you know it is gifts. Like children we open up and smile and being filled with a warm feeling–kindness!

Ulla Lindner sent a big package with this fantastic dog “cover” “Back on Track” that warms up muscles and keep their joints more moveable. Back problems improve. And it was the best present to Boss who has hip and back problems.

She sent so many goodies to the dogs: pig ears, bags of treats, and rawhide sticks. Christmas ornaments for the hospice that we enjoyed for our Lucia party.

And, all the goodies for me that I hid for my family.

Maria Hahne —Bonitas mom— had sent great dog clothing for our smaller and medium dogs.

Both put in donations on AWL’s account to buy food for the shelter dogs–That’s Amore

Another wonderful Swedish woman Lena Lillier –Freckles’s mom– sent a great care package for the hospice kids (oldies)–and me!
Lady was thrilled over hers. I was amazed at the comfort and beautiful design that covered their front and under their bellies.

Leo wears his day and night, he just loves it. Warm and cozy. His movements have improved greatly, he is stepping around better than ever.

Dicky’s got a little bit big, but better that than skin and bones. He loves his jacket and when I take it off he is so warm and lovely. He is in a big thrill, and it is helping his arthritis be better.
Lena, Maria and Ulla in Sweden, thank you so much for your wonderful gifts to the Hospice. That’s warm Amore.



picture vet. Mariagracia taking a blood test on Phillipo

Ulla Linder. a volunteer from Stockholm, came down back in November with a lot of care packages. She had also designed my buisness cards and AWL buisness cards—wohoo I feel so important —And she had also made AWL stickers, really nice ones.

She went with us to the shelter and fell in love with Phillipo. And in my house she fell in love with our Capri. Both dogs will have a great owner, fantastic athmosphere and life being spoiled.

We put Ulla to work while she was here, hard work like taking care of Benjamin, cleaning his pen, his surroundings and bath him every day in special treatment shampoo.

Ulla was tested very hard and passed the test with great verve. Also Ulla, thank you for your Christmas donation to AWL, what an amore gift to all the rescue dogs that AWL are working with to get a better quality life.

Thank you for everything, all the presents, leashes, collars, brushes, you name it … and MONEY!