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There are people with big heart(s). In the middle of their own stressful days takes a moment to think of the poor dogs destiny in Italy. The money are being earmarked for the Church dogs.
Our Guardian Angel, Craig Kleber from Brentwood, LA, USA sent a donation of 2000 dollar:
–Craig’s donation is in honor of St Roch patron of dogs Carmelo Vittorio Salvo his grandfather – he always had rescued dogs–
That’s Amore!



I have written many times in anger about the abuse of a dog or other animal.  I’ve written in mourning about the passing of one of our clients.  I’ve pleaded for donations, and I’ve reported on our successes.  All of those are difficult to write in their own ways.
Today, I write of the passing of a dear friend to Animals Without Limits.  One who, though we never met, had helped us not only monetarily, but with kindness and wisdom, concern and humor.  And love.
Louis Charles “Chuck” Kleber is one very special man.  AWL and I will dearly miss getting warm, interesting emails from him.  He always made me smile, and even brought joy to my children. You could tell he loved life, and shared that love of life with all he met.
In my opinion, he was a great thinker, and full of knowledge which he imparted with very well written correspondence. He shared his memories from different countries and different experiences. His enormous heart for animals was evident from his lovely support to our organization, Animals Without Limits.
I loved how he shared his own memories in his messages.  Sharing. It meant so much to be able to take part in a person’s interesting life, and his certainly had been (and was) interesting.  He gave dog food to shelters through us. It was such a great Halloween gift!  He helped fund our hospice operations.  One of his most touching donations was to fund “Vinnie’s Rescue Van”. You see, Vinnie had been a special dog to his son Craig and daughter-n-law Tracey, and had also touched Chuck’s life. Chuck wanted Vinnie’s spirit to live on in a tangible way helping others less fortunate.
I loved his positive spirit, so wise and so calm. He had a way of being able to see the light in many dark things.  He taught me that not knowing each other doesn’t mean kindness cannot be shared.  My children received postcards from him with wild animals pictures, and he always took the time to write some words about the animals. He was educating in an interesting, engaging way a couple kids he had never met.
He was a funny, serious, loving, interesting man who probably is laughing right now, saying to his new angel friends, “this is not so bad up here.”
He was a great storyteller, and I am so thankful to have received some of his stories. 
One of his favorite quotes;
The Scottish veterinarian and writer, James Herriot (1916-1995), said
“If having a soul means being able to feel love and loyalty and gratitude,
then animals are better off than a lot of humans.”
Godspeed, distant Animal friend.  You will be greatly missed.  

Animals Without Limits
Mia Mattsson Mercer with AWL TEAM ITALY



From Vincent Kleber, in memory came a generous Valentine donation. When Vincent were still together with his family Craig and Tracey, every day was Valentine. That’s Amore!

Thank you so much!

BROWN EYESIn early youth I made a vow
That if to Cupid I should bow,
The one for whom he aimed the dart
At my desired, unclaimed heart,
Must have brown eyes; large, soft brown eyes.
Time came when eyes looked into mine;
Large, soft brown eyes that seemed to shine
With intellect. Did I succumb?
Oh yes! for though the lips were dumb,
Those lovely eyes I deemed a prize.
Within their depths devotion shone,
And as they gazed into my own,
They seemed to say, “My love is thine.
Please let me know that I have thine.”
And Oh! I knew his heart was true.
My arms his snowy neck entwined,
And I rejoiced a love to find
So worshipful, so constant, true.
How oft they’ve thrilled me through and through,
My collie’s wise, large, soft brown eyes!



In memory Creature Kleber.

In Creature’s name and his lovely four legged friends, Gus &Vinnie from Brentwood LA, USA came a wonderful Christmas present to our Hospice Casa dell’Amore in Italy. We received 1000 dollar.

For those money we can rescue other animals that doesn’t have any owners that can pay for their surgeries or medicines.

Thank you wonderful Kleber family for being such wonderful carrying friends.

MERRY CHRISTMAS Craig, Tracey, Creature, Gus, Vinnie, Fred, and all the other four legged you are guardian Angels to.

That’s Amore!



                                           The Power Of A Dog – Thank You Creature

Creature left us after a wonderful life. We say “left us” vs. “he is gone” because it is we who are left with a big void. He now joins Vinnie, Gus and other eternal pals.
He came into our lives as that “cute puppy with all that brindle” found running around abandoned in parking lot with no home. At the time we had no plans to have a dog, but there he was wiggling his butt into our lives. He didn’t look like anything in particular, just one of God’s creatures, so Creature became his name. And from that moment on this very special dog worked his magic.
Creature changed our lives. The years of volunteering with animal rescue, the thousand of dollars given to animal groups, staying in the US rather than returning to the UK, and most importantly the rescue of other dogs; Vinnie, Gus, Lizzie and Natalia… all because of Creature’s magical influence. 
His charisma, confidence and swagger meant people never forgot him. Dr. Lisa in Malibu would always brighten up and excitedly call his name when she saw him, and he brightened up in return, especially when he saw treats. Years after leaving Malibu he was back walking around the shops and out of nowhere an inquiring voice said “is that Creature?” Someone whose name we didn’t even know remembered Creature.
He had that magnetic quality about him. In his early years the good looks and twinkle in his eyes made him a lovable rogue, a Joe Namath among dogs according to his grandfather. Later on as he greyed he took on the persona of being the George Clooney of dogs. 
Happy trails our dear, dear friend. You changed us all, and all of us are so much better for it. 
Thank you Creature.
Craig & Tracey Kleber
A poem that captures all you and other animals deserve, and will receive, as sure as the sun will rise.
A Place in Heaven
Is there a place in Heaven

Where dog companions go

Before I’d want to go there

I’d really need to know
A being pure of spirit

And a being without sin

Is surely one that should be there

But does God let him in?

The theologians argue

A soul is what they lack

But one who’s always there for you

Should be given something back

I could not face eternity

Without paws and tails

And if that’s what religion thinks

Then that is where it fails

I hope God doesn’t let me down

I’m sure He knows their worth

For we who have been loved by them

Have Heaven here on Earth!
— Janis Diebert