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 Little Minnie was rescued yesterday from a hard life as a breeding machine.
For many years Minnie was locked in, churning out litter after litter.
Later on in life, she was thrown out in the garden, together with a puppy
that wouldn’t let her be alone.

Minnie is old, has no teeth, is so tired, and her fur is in horrible
condition. At only 2-3 kg, she has had to carry a heavy burden thanks to the
worst of we humans.

(picture volunteer Chiara with Minnie)

Guardian Lady Tonia rescued her and came with her to our Hospice last night.
Minnie now has her own room, with a warm bed. The volunteers simply love
We have many people that want to adopt her and we are so thankful for all of
their love. But first, it will take a little time; both to research the
possible families to pick the best, and Minnie must also see a veterinarian
Wednsday for health tests.  

Then, if the veterinarian says ok, she will have
a SPA day with our lovely volunteers.

Please help sponsor Minnie through the process toward getting her very own
forever family.  We want her to have a wonderful life for the rest of her
years, and need to set her up for success.  Blood, erlichia and leichmania
tests will need to be performed, and perhaps some dog pates’ (Ceasar)
provided to pamper her palate a little as well.

Your help = Amore

 (volunteer Angy together with sister Ernestina cutting off  matted hair )

(suspecting tumore)