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Mitt företag heter Änglaskär och min hemsida

Min mail är anettegylder755@
Och mobil 070-7157180.
Jag har swish till 0707157180 el PG 658730-7 och alltid förskottsbetalning .

My company is Änglaskär and this is my homepage

email me for order anettegylder755@
cell phone 0046 70-7157180.

 Ny kollektion som säljs till förmån för Animal Without Limits och det arbete de lägger ner på att hjälpa utsatta hundar i Italien och Portugal.
25% går till organisationen för varje sålt smycke

199kr / 20 euro plus shipment 

New collection sold for the benefit to Animal Without Limits and their work they put in to help vulnerable dogs in Italy and Portugal.

25% will go to the organization for each sold smycke❤

299kr /30 euro plus shipment

Pluto 199kr /20 euro plus shipment

Germany and Sweden Rescue Mission


Arischa and Snuffle were staying in my house for a couple of days here in southern Germany. I like to have new rescue dogs staying at my house since I can read them and get to know them. It has happened that people have adopted dogs and then blamed something on the dog that was not true. In this case I can document everything. Of course, some things can change at the new owner that didn’t happen here, due to different kind of energies or not well-behaved children 😉

We the flew Stuttgart, Germany to Stockholm, Sweden to meet the two new moms. Arichas new mom I had met earlier 20 years ago when I worked with her horse(s) She also volunteer for Swedish organisation that help Spanish dogs (she adopted from there too, great dogs)

Sweet Eva came and had brought a blanket for Snuffle since it was cold- They bonded directly. Snuffle had been bought as a small puppy, the owner had got tired and abandon him. Snuffle was like a happy flying squirrel. Me and my children loved him. We were so happy Eva had adopted him, or we would have kept him…..#14 dogs I am trying to cut down on the amount of rescue dogs.

I am so touched and thankful Eva for the handmade gift you made for me. It has a special place in my home. Thank you !

Föredrag i Stockholm Lecture in Stockholm


Fira Valentine med en inspirerande Start – 
Tillsammansskapar vi Mirakel!
Alla Våra Hjärtans Dag – för Djuren

En inspirerande dag med eldsjälen Mia Mattson-Mercer, författare, krönikör och erkänd djurkommunikatör som huvudtalare. Mia är grundare av Animals Without Limits, en ideell förening som drivs av eldsjälar och volontärer för de som inte har någon röst -Djuren! 

Dagens intäkter går oavkortat till föreningen.

Kom och låt dig beröras av Mias fantastiska berättelser ur livet
som djurkommunikatör och som president /eldsjäl i AWL
Djuren har bjudit på mod, kärlek och visdom
långt över vår fattningsförmåga, de har så mycket att lära oss,
att ge, när vi stannar upp och lyssnar. 

Mias dotter, Olivia kommer även att berätta om sina upplevelser. Förutom både fantastiska, kärleksfulla och ibland sorgliga anekdoter kommer Mia även att berätta om hur djurkommunikation går till, och alla får chans att öva på detta genom en vägledd övning. Utöver Mias föredrag, bilder och berättelser kommer ni att få ta del av meditationsövning och en trumresa (naturkraft) för att fylla på er själva med energi, samt hitta platsen av inre närvaro (en förutsättning för djurkommunikation). 
Dessaövningar och ett kort föredrag om hur vi kan jobba med “Djursom lärare” hålls av en av Animals Without Limits Volontärer Mia Holm

Datum: Söndag 14 februari 2016Tid: 11.15 – 15.00
Plats: ABF huset, Katasalen, Sveavägen Stockholm
Pris: 550kr

Konferencier Kathrin Steinmetz
Anmälan: mejla/ring Mia Holm 070-770 0755 
Anmälan räknas som giltig efter betalning samt bekräftelse av Mia Holm.
Anmälan är bindande då Mia Mattseon-Mercer reser från Tyskland.
Kom och ta del av en kärleksfull inspirerande dag, ta med dig dina 2 benta nära och kära, familj som vänner, och viktigast av allt – Dig själv!

En present till dig själv eller någon du älskar och vill dela glädjen tillsammans med.
Vi utlovar både skratt och tårar –

Varmt Hjärtligt Välkommen!

Djur får inte vistas i lokalen, men är med i våra hjärtan!



We are very happy to tell you that Blind Mandy found a home up in Stockholm, Sweden.

Mandy was found running for her life blind through heavy traffic. One volunteer, Flavia saw something was wrong and picked her up. She has been fostered in Flavias home and next year we can drive her up to her new warm loving home.

That’s Amore!

Welcome Beautiful Martina


AWL want to welcome a new wonderful volunteer to our team. As you can see on the picture she is a gorgeous dog friend from Italy but lives in Sweden right now.

Martina will help us with adoptions in Sweden and also translation. The best part is that she got family in the region were we help the animals. So, she knows already a lot about our work.

Welcome Martina Sweden

(today is her birthday….happy happy birthday)



                                              I love our new design of Before and After

This little fellow was closed in a cage for 2 years, isolated. A Swedish volunteer came down to help us with our projects. One was to go to this shelter with donations (food)
Ulla fell in love and we started the adoption process. Oh my what a journey but worth every minute.




AWL Sweden will open up their first Hospice, for horses, on November 1th.
This is a dream that has been with us for a long time.
A volunteer with AWL–Maya Landvik, is going to be the supervisor and caretaker of the Hospice. Her knowledge and experience goes many years back to when Mia Mattsson-Mercer first met her 20 years ago. Even then she was working with her rescue horse that had been abused with a hammer, crushing his back. Maya has been working with animals for her whole life and specializes in horses. She is training people to listen more to the animals (horses).
Veterinarian Lucia from her clinic has many skills as a chiropractor and with acupuncture for the animals. She has an enormously wonderful heart and is also opening up a cat home for unwanted cats.(cat-home has nothing to do with AWL)
AWL Horse Hospice will have a separate account from everything else we are doing.
Our first very client is Tequila; born (2006) as a star in Brazil with a big hope for becoming a wining racehorse. He traveled with his team to many places, Dubai, Sweden and many more. He had an accident as a five year old and was put in a box, but never recovered. His spirit was fine but his body was now useless as a Racehorse. Tequila was going to be put down to sleep. A person stepped in to rescue, but a veterinarian demanded that Tequila should be put down since she claimed he also had osteoarthritis in his front legs.
The time was being scheduled but when the owner/rescue lady came home with Tequila and saw him run out in the pasture, full of life, she listens to her gut and canceled the appointment for euthanization. Only later did she find out that this veterinarian is well known for putting down many horses that have a potential to come back in life.

Another very skilled veterinarian was examining T and told that he was not suffering and it was not life threatening with his leg. He could live a “normal” good life.

The rescue lady cannot keep him due to personal matters and heard about Maya’s ability to rehabilitate horses—to become healthy and have some good last years without competition or pressure.
The horse tells us what he wants to do, and we are his servants. Maya met him and saw his enormous aura of life.
Mia Mattsson Mercer have been working with horses since 1997, when younger she had two horses of her own. It was when she had to put one of her horse to sleep she started to question, “when is the right time?”
She has been working with famous horses in Germany 1999-2002 and Swedish Royal horses, and got the honor to have a private meeting with the Royal family’s fantastic Arabian horses in Bahrain.