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Update on Leah after her surgery . The veterinarian team made the op and  got the fast growing tumour on her inner back legs away. (earlier post)

Amazing warrior Queen greeted me at the veterinarian door only a couple of hours after waking up. Think if we humans had the same capacity !

I want to show you how she looked like when I found her and after some time together with us. What an amazing difference. She has so much energy for being an senior, I hope I get the same kind of amount when I become a Senior 😉

Leah, I am super proud over you.


The days are flying so fast away, and its been busy here at the Senior Sanctuary ( ChaCha wouldn’t like to be called a Senior yet!)

I am so thankful to our veterinarian, Frau Kast and her team at the Tier Artz. Our Italian clients are being taken cared of with a lot care and love.

Leah is healing wonderful after her tumor surgery last week. And I am so happy we took the chance to put her under surgery despite her age. Leah was examined before the surgery, and she got a very strong heart. If we wouldn’t have done the surgery, she would probably have had a couple of months to live.

We look at the client, the value of the dogs life, but we never take away an animal because we are afraid.

The blood test from ChaCha came back. I decided for a BIG blood analyse to take away many things that were possible for her to have.

She gained weight without eating much, so veterinarian Frau Kast suspected it could be the thyroid that was not working properly. And she was right!

Now Cha Cha is on medication, and after one month we have to take a new bloodtest to see how she is responding to her new medicine.

I had had the feeling that something wasn’t ok with ChaCha, on the outside she looked fine, but I got the “mother feeling” And I was right!

Wonderful team work and amazing results when we all listen to each other.

That’s Amore!



My beloved Leah got a nasty aggressive tumor on her inside of her leg. In a short time it grew and opened up.

Our veterinarian examined her and despite her older age we decided to have it removed. Its uncomfortable for her now and it will probably be painful for her in a while. While she is sedated they will check her with ultra sound.
Leah got a very strong heart and a fabulous personality! 

Our Senior three legged Angelo got a horrible infection in his nose. Antibiotic and painkiller for him.

The lady ChaCha had to go to the veterinarian too, for a lot of different blood tests. I know something is not correct inside of her. Also, our veterinarian told us she need to lose weight. 56kg!!!

We don’t know how we are going to do that!!! She is on 2 small cups of dry food every day, and she got her own personal trainer (walker) Hm! Maybe I need to follow them during their walks to see if they really are walking and not by a fast food restaurant!



 The bandage was changed again this late afternoon. The “wound” cleaned, aired, and disinfected with new products. We bought a betadine creme (11.80 euro) to put on the wound. 
Miele got a new type of bandage raping (cue) on half her leg so when she walk she doesn’t touch the dirt with the bandage.

Now she looks like Pistorius

 Blood test, Emocromo, QPE, Biochimico and Erlichia. The Emocromo result is compared with the first one and nothing has changed (yet) The value DR V thinks means she got Erlichia. We bought Vibravet (antibiotic)

Tomorrow we will get more results from the blood tests.

 So right now 2 different antibiotic.

Also she didn’t gain any weight (yet)

 Hopefully surgery next week if the two antibiotic kicks in and drives out the infection, and new blood tests will show ok.

Prayers still please for our brave Miele




 Franka got high blood pressure and worried us. Off to Dr Vittorio for a check up. Martina and Pio drove three dogs for different reasons.

 Franka loves to travel in the car. Isn’t amazing that a beautiful girl like this, that has been locked in a cage since 2003 is this wonderful lovely?

We have so much to learn.

 Well, what we got here?

Martina and Pio rescued this little boy, 5 months old and only 6 kg from a horrible life on the streets. They are fostering him until we can find the perfect home.
He got vaccination shots, de wormed and health checked. He was super sweet. Dixi is fantastic with other dogs, big and small and love people. If you are interested in adopting him write to

 Minnie our sweet Minnie, finally got her mammary glance tumors and the uterus ( was in horrible condition) taken away. She was used as a breeding machine for 13 years, then thrown out in a garden together with a energetic puppy. Minnie was so depressed and in bad condition. I can assure you know that she is everyones favorite and doing wonderful. Good news….a wonderful family is waiting for her.

That’s Amore!