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You have been able to read about Sunday Rose from earlier blog entries. Rescued from a water field ditch, with borelia, leichaminiosis, and underweight.

She was close to death. when Dr April found her and took her in to her clinic. Treatment started and AWL answered on her request for help, our Hospice stepped in.
We loved her this little bird looking dog, we continued medication and gave her good nutrition food
To our great news she is now with a lovely lady who adopts dogs with disabilities. Rosie is now living in Northern Italy living her dream life. Rosie is blind but finds her way around the house brilliant. This is Amore!



She is very old, maybe 15, blind, arthritic, some little mammary tumors…we are waiting for blood tests results.

Someone threw her in a ditch!

A veterinarian was out with her dog and found her in the ditch covered with water almost dead.

We named her Sunday Rose, and tomorrow she will join the others at AWL rehab/hospice.

This will be Amore.