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Our Little Joey


 Joey was a very happy stray down in south Italy for many years. At first he didn’t want to be someones pet. He loved his freedom and meeting the people that fed him, petted him and then, let him go.
But becoming a Senior on the streets is not easy, especially when the winters cold night making them sicker. WE decided that Joey should have a home.

Joey came to me in my Senior Sanctuary home among 14 other dogs, I think one year ago. He was going to be spayed. I had a check up on him and he had artros on his back spines and on top of everything, leischmania. No one wanted to adopt a Senior with Leischmania. I don’t have any problems with that since we have had many dogs and it can be  kept under control if caught in right time.
Ironic, it was not the leischmania that would end his life. He got aggressive cancer that are spreading in his body like fire.

I was crying, since his mind is still very sharp but his body is breaking down.

 Olivia and I took him to the veterinarian and I could see in Dr Hummels eyes that it was not much hope. 5-7 days. We got medicine, painkiller and other things that will help ease some. But when Joey wants to, Dr Hummel will come home and help him over to the other side.

Joey has his bed infront of the fireplace, and it is pate’ three times a day. He eats and is very happy and we are happy and thankful for each day we get together with him.

That’s Amore!


THANK YOU Fam. Butt.
Earlier on the blog, we wrote about the dog Moschino that was hit by a car, left with a broken leg and pelvis on the street. He was brought to a veterinarian by volunteers from Adcr Naples. AWL helped them finding a foster home, and wow Moschino got the best foster home ever. 

The Family Butt open their home and hearts for this little fellow. He got so much love, attention and therapy during his stay (exercise and love, the best combo)
Kathryn, its people like you that makes our World look better. Your service, help and effort for this little guy is heart warming. Happy Tears!
From us, AWL, thank you for the best wonderful foster home ***** Moschino is now in Northern Italy with his family that adopted him.
Thank you for making his life mean something.
That’s Amore!

Hard life, right?

I get to hang out with a gorgeous family

Even allowing me to be a  couch dog Not bad for being a former street dog, and….black dog.

Black dogs are very hard to adopt away. Shelters are full with black dogs so the joy was tremendous when the rescue group found a family up north.

I get to stay up late and watch tv. What a great life!

Thank you so much loving family Butt for opening your hearts for me, giving me a chance in life to find true happiness.

That’s Amore!

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 Urgent please this is urgent. Never would we have thought this would happen.

Remember we talked about the happy Church dogs? 2 female that AWL had spayed and rescued all the puppies, and then a male turned up Jumbo that loved the girls and they loved him. They lived happy there together, the church people gave them food and love and AWL medications. 

Today we received the tragic news that they got a new Pries and he does not want the dogs there. He will call the police!!!! We know what that means. Horrible shelter and never coming out again.
The two female are safe to a home but we have Jumbo.

He is a young male, full of love and we need a home or a foster right away. This is the sweetest thing ever.

We will help with all costs if you can help us take him away from the fact that he will end up behind bars.

He is a happy stray. I have met him. 

Send email to Mia;