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Last Friday was our big 2nd Annual Fundraiser at Hotel Agora. We had a busy day getting everything together. I was standing in the flower store ordering flowers for the AWL Awards at the charity when I got the tragic phone call that Dicky was getting worse; it was time to send him to the Rainbow Bridge. Read the memorial to Dicky down below— Totally drained emotionally we had to continue our event, it was now late afternoon and still I had to run into the hospice to feed the clients. Me, I wanted to lie in bed and grieve, cry and not talk to anyone. I loaded the SUV with tables, billboard, donations jars and drove to the hotel to set up our table. Lynn and Trine were there setting other things together (there will be another posting about the big event)

30 minutes before the opening Martina and Pio calls me. They have stopped on the road, a dog is badly hit and they need help. We throw ourselves into the SUV and drive down to where they are standing; on the ground is a stray so severely hit that my heart aches to see him. I know he is suffering.
His back was broken, his left eye was swollen, contorted and full of blood, and clearly he had inner bleeding and cranial trauma. I wanted him to get to the ER as fast as possible. By that time I wished we had a doggy stretcher because this was a fight to get him up.

He was scared and in a lot of pain and tried to defend himself-with all rights—I tried to put towels over his head (so he couldn’t see to snap at the hands trying to help him) and lift him up into the SUV, but his neck was going like holding a snake. He got hold of my hand, a warm sting felt in my arm. No time to whine in my evening dress, the dog was more important but at the same time we cursed the ones who had hit him and not stopped.

We all got in folding with towels and finally Todd got him up in the SUV. It was with big pain I closed the doors I knew that there was no way to save him only to end pain. Pio and Todd drove away to the animal ER, me and Martina dried the tears away, took deep breaths and entered the party.
A phone call from the clinic told us what we already knew; a forever-ending shot to end his suffering was the only responsible, carrying option. The rainbow bridge was a very busy place this day, and many tears were falling.

Later I was talking to some people and I mentioned what had happen. ”Yeah, we saw that dog crawling over the street earlier this evening.”
Stunned I looked at him and asked, ”And you didn’t stop?”

He was named Star in the paperwork. He was not alone, the ending was quick and not suffering, and never forgotten.
The bill was 170 euro, but this is what AWL stands for, helping ending pain and suffering.

That’s our AWL Amore goals.