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AWL want to thank wonderful Vian Delson and her Gym & Hälsa in Höör -together with another instructor, Lollo and photographer Carina created the In2shape calendar A wonderful donation 4500kr  heart emoticon
Thank you Vian for choosing AWL heart emoticon That’s Amore!
AWL vill tacka Vian Delson and hennes Gym & Hälsa i Höör -tillsammans med en instruktör, Lollo och fotograf Carina skappade In2shape kalender. En underbar donation pa 4500kr heart emoticon
Tack Vian for att du v



Dear Animal Friends,
We have many who follow our various blogs and websites.  I know you all care deeply for the animals that we help.  I sense that many of you would love to adopt or foster one or more of these animals, but cannot.

Now, there is an opportunity where you can sponsor a specific dog.  Your sponsorship will ensure that “your” dog has what he or she needs going forward, the money you provide will ONLY go to the dog(s) you sponsor.  This is a simple and effective way to help a dog who has touched your heart.

You set the amount you can provide each month (per dog).

You specify which dog(s) you want to sponsor.

Upon the initiation of your sponsorship, you will get a certificate attesting to your kindness, animal friendliness and sponsorship of the dog(s) by name(s).

You can even send care packages to your specific dog, with treats or things you believe your sponsoree needs or would like.  Of course, whatever you send will only go to the dog(s) you designate.

Each month, you will recieve a picture (digital) and an update about “your” dog(s).

Write to volunteer ULLA LINDERS and tell her which dog and the amount you would like to sponsor. She will answer you back with all the information, right away



Muffin is back from the vet clinic were she stayed for three days!!! Yapp Yapp inside and outside, wild rough games. She’s now microchip, sterilized and vaccinated (de-wormed and frontline). She got a person who wants to adopt her in Torino but how can AWL get her up there?

And this little lion look a like puppy was found in Varcaturo and now got a family.

Phillipo (from Rossella’s) is waiting for his passport–4 months at a new kennel Marco Sanna–Mia walk him every second day– adopter mother Ulla from Sweden sent money so Mia could buy a bed to him. He loves it! After 2 years in a “not so good” shelter laying on plastic and concrete he is now staying at a 3 star kennel. Soon, –4 months– he will live in a 5 star home.

Mia and Olivia went to an Italian animal rescue friends. They found puppies full of flies and worms, they are now treated. And of course, Olivia was in heaven.

They also rescued this little sweet heart from being dog food to a big dog with sharp teeth. Roy contacted AWL Mia, he had seen the picture of her on FB and AWL introduced her. A good match we think and hope. Roy could pick “Sara” up today AWL had made sure she got her first vaccination/de worming before saying by by to her rescue family. Roy have already made appointment for microchip, and when time sterilization that AWL will sponsor.

But please don’t forget those that suddenly non one want, sick and old. AWL biggest dream and goal is to open a hospice for them. Please help by sponsoring and we can ear mark them.
We are all one family!