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Nicolle and Jason who foster all the 9 puppies linked up with me at Dr Damiani’s clinic for a health check.

All 4 boys and 5 girls were very healthy.

Dr. Longo and Ass. Roberta listen to their hearts, checked mouth and walk. The fur balls are only 5-6 weeks so we are waiting with the vaccinations.

Then Kiki Joy got her bandage taken off, and now she “only” has an infected ear. She is such a good girl, 15 years old.

Zara was arguing with other dogs on the other side of the fence, and her foot got caught. She pulled so hard that her toes needed to have plenty of stitches. My oh my!

Our sweet heart Spencer (girl) got her stitches removed after the sterilization. Now she is ready for a loving forever home. She is like a cat. When you lift her up she loves to stand on your shoulders. And in bed she curls up like a cat. The children adores her, and so do I.

And the last client of the day. Shiloh had gotten a “secret object” in her paw it was swollen and painful, but she was a trooper.
I can tell you that AWL is not still for one minute, always on missions. That’s Amore!



Being neutered wasn’t that bad!

Louie even get to eat at his “home” the next day

Louie can highly recommend this~ please help sponsor AWL projects~ you can donate via Italian bank or pay pal both are secure.

Thanks mum Lynn and driver Trine for driving Louie in to Lega Pro, and thank you AWL for paying. That’s team work Amore.

AWL drove Spencer in this morning to Lega Pro to have her sterilized. Yes she got a male name beacuse the rescue person didn’t realize until several months later that Spencer was a girl.
Spencer stays with Mia AWL since the “rescue” person is not bringing her back with him to the States.