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                                    IRIS was found on the streets in south Italy, skin and bones.

Since then she has been in a horrible sad place, a cage in a shelter, never coming out to run around in grass, or in to a home only to be loved. 

Iris looks just like the other stray dogs, so no one adopts her. No one sees her!

No one!
Iris is adorable, calm and quiet, loves people, and great with other dogs. She loves to go for a car drive, and becomes very sad when she is being returend back to the shelter (from veterinarian visit)
She is spayed, vaccinated, leischmania and erlichia tested and of course, de wormed.
Right now her weight is 20 kg, she is a little overweight

She is rigth now in Italy however we are searching for the right home in Germany, Denmark or Sweden. 
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This is Friki from Toscana, Italy. You can see she is not a big dog, 15 kg.
She was abandon by her family. After 4 years they didn’t have time anymore.
She has been in the shelter for 6 months and doesn’t understand what she did wrong?

She is loving and affectionate, she is constantly searching for contact. Sometimes she can become a little jealous since she is afraid of being replaced. Right now she is living together with other dogs.

She is sterilized, vaccinated, leichmania and heart-worm tested = negative.

For more information contact; Mia

 Sweet Olivia, soon to be one year old from Toscana Italy. She was found on the streets scared and lonely. Olivia is a small dog only 7 kg.

She is adorable and a little lovely brat and not afraid of anything. She is a dog with energy and would love to go to dog school. Olivia love attention and to be cuddled, a lovely friend to snuggle with and be out hiking with.

Olivia is steralized, vaccinate and tested for leischmania and heart-worm = negative

She can go to the perfect home: Northern Italy, Germany and Sweden

For more info contact;

 They call her Neve, that means snow in Italian.
Her owner took her one night and threw her over a fence into a small open shelter with dogs inside. The dogs attacked her.
Neve is 1 year old and full of love. Sensitive and need a warm family/person that will see her in her eyes and promise she can stay.
She will this week be sterilized, vaccinated and tested for leischmania.

She can go to the perfect home in Italy, Germany or Sweden.

For more info;

Baglico was found outside a gypsy camp in Portugal, disoriented and with burns in his face.

He had got acid splashed to his face. Wonderful volunteers brought him to the veterinarian for treatment. Today he is doing fine however he needs a home before the cold winter is coming.
A house with a fenced in garden would be genial. Calm loving family, maybe an older person.
Balgico is calm and sweet, only 25 cm and 7/8kg.
Tested negative for leischmania and heart-worm.

Can go to the perfect home in Germany and Sweden
For more information contact Mia;

Our Little Joey


 Joey was a very happy stray down in south Italy for many years. At first he didn’t want to be someones pet. He loved his freedom and meeting the people that fed him, petted him and then, let him go.
But becoming a Senior on the streets is not easy, especially when the winters cold night making them sicker. WE decided that Joey should have a home.

Joey came to me in my Senior Sanctuary home among 14 other dogs, I think one year ago. He was going to be spayed. I had a check up on him and he had artros on his back spines and on top of everything, leischmania. No one wanted to adopt a Senior with Leischmania. I don’t have any problems with that since we have had many dogs and it can be  kept under control if caught in right time.
Ironic, it was not the leischmania that would end his life. He got aggressive cancer that are spreading in his body like fire.

I was crying, since his mind is still very sharp but his body is breaking down.

 Olivia and I took him to the veterinarian and I could see in Dr Hummels eyes that it was not much hope. 5-7 days. We got medicine, painkiller and other things that will help ease some. But when Joey wants to, Dr Hummel will come home and help him over to the other side.

Joey has his bed infront of the fireplace, and it is pate’ three times a day. He eats and is very happy and we are happy and thankful for each day we get together with him.

That’s Amore!



 Yesterday evening Miele went to have her bandage changed and a check up. She got A LOT of energy this girl 

She gained a little more weight, 16.250 
Blood work, it was not 100% but better.
We spoke about different surgeries, and different specialists are involved in the team. When we have “special” cases our veterinarian “hires” in specialists.
This morning will MIele be steralized. She will NOT have her half leg amputated since the other leg is really bad and a very long surgery needs to be done (next time) She need her other leg to support on. (I will explain everything later today)
Her “leg” will be cut a little piece of the bone and close the wound to avoid infections.

All prayers today for Miele and the veterinarian team.

Update from the evening. Miele is doing wonderful. She is crazy wild like no surgery had been taken place.

We also want to thank our wonderful volunteer, Brittany McMinn Beckwith for sponsoring half the amount from this #1 Surgery.



Sweet Daisy, was finally spayed sponsored by AWL.

Daisy was adopted by a family that decided when she was a couple of months old to give her back to AWL. She was out of “control, they said. We don’t doubt them for a minute. Everything depends on the kind of people, training, routines and breed. Daisy loving and sweet loves adventures. Things has to happen. If not, she will do her own adventures, and that wasn’t appreciated by the family.

AWL adoption coordinator made sure to take Daisy to the veterinarian here in Germany yesterday and had her spayed before she will go to her next waiting family.

Yes, she already got a new home.

Daisy went to stay at a couples house for a couple of day for evaluation. We always get to hear from the “owners” what  the problem was. Lauren and her husband Tom are well educated dog behavior /obedient persons.

Now Daisy is staying in Genni’s house who also is very educated in dog-psycologi/behavioral. Genni is also a vet tech.

Daisy is doing wonderful. If you get to know her personality you will understand her. She need an athletic family. And we found one!

 That’s Amore



Gea 6 months old is adopted.

–Now we are collecting money to have her sterilized before we are handing her over to her new home. It is a safety we do for our “clients”. Please help us with the donations, earmark it GEA

Spayed, vaccinated, and microchip.
We want that kind of safety to our four-legged friends to do our best to protect them into their future. Very few but some, don’t do it since back in their mind they know they will not keep the dog. Why then bather with costs?
We have heard many scary stories. Families leaving, and throwing their four legged members out that they have had for a couple of years. Its a shame!

Gea is also on try with her new Master, to see if they are a great match. We are a very overprotective organization, with documents, contracts, and home visits/calls. AWL sees this as any relationship between two living creatures, spending time and love together under the same roof.

Wouldn’t you like to feel protected?

That’s Amore!



 NORA, our hospice client that we rescued from a shelter is doing great. She even has her own VIP driver to the veterinarian. Finally, she is sterilized but she had a really nasty uterus. Tumors were found and we are waiting for the analysis.

 The wonderful news is that NORA is adopted and as soon as she recovers from the surgery she will leave for North Italy. We are so exited for her.

The AWL concept is that we rescue old dogs from the street or horrible shelters. To give them a quality life before crossing the Rainbow Bridge. Our hospice, together with wonderful veterinarians, make sure they are not suffering.  If the client-dog later on is healthy, and someone writes to us wanting to adopt, we certainly don’t object. Why shouldn’t a “healthy” dog be able to taste how it is to be a family member?  Of course we conduct interviews and visits with the prospective adoptive person’s home, before saying “yes”.

We are not an adoption organization.  However, since we help these dogs that comes through our lives, we end up facilitating some adoptions anyway, and we never charge a fee. (Donations are gratefully accepted!)  We want to build a sanctuary for older and sick strays, that is our goal.

 Wonderful Dr. Fransesca with NORA in the transportation cage.

Our Hospice Mascot Stella is inspecting the donations from Jolene. Thank you everyone.

PS. Stella is not adoptable. She is our Hospice Mascot and one of our volunteers, Angelina, is her guardian angel. When we first opened up the hospice, Angelina asked if we could rescue “old” Stella from the streets.  Angie agreed to volunteer a lot at the Hospice if she could keep Stella there.  Angie and Stella adore each other.  Of course, we were thrilled to have Angie work with us, and she has been true to her word.  She is at the hospice several hours a week, she drives Stella to the veterinarian right away if something is needed. But also, Angie is there for all our clients.

That’s Amore!