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This little fellow sits in a “not so great shelter” in Campania. He is in very big need of help, or he will go blind and with other medical problems die.
It’s cold and he is alone in this tragic cage. The man who feeds him tells us he loves the dog so much. AWL have promised to buy and donate the medicine, and our hope is to convince the man that this Little Boy would do great in a home.
We have a sponsor who would like to buy him out, but we need a home. Could you help Little Boy in this Mission Freedom Amore?



AWL wants to send the biggest hug to Los Angeles dog Vinnie who donated a good check to the sick “Little Girl” for medication. Vinnie’s heart is big and loving and even if he is himself going through chemotherapy for cancer , he doesn’t stop thinking of those who are not as lucky as he, his masters’ Craig and Tracey say. In Vinnie we see the same big heart as his “parents” he too, is Amore.

Casa dell’Amore clients are holding their paws crossed for Vinnie, for a fast recovery. “He is a Trooper”, said Tigro, one of the 16 year old Hospice clients in Italy.

We all are Amore, thanks to the Kleber Support in Los Angeles, USA

What Takes the Most Time?


A woman asked me this today, “Mia, what takes the most time?”

I realized she was asking about the job in the Foundation, so I thought for one minute and then said, “People who call me!” She didn’t understand, so I explained.

Some people call to tell me they have a wounded dog laying around by their house, or that their dog needs to see an veterinarian. I tell them what to do, where to go, and even to use my name. But some people get very frustrated that I or anybody else in the foundation doesn’t drop everything and get the dog(s). I try to explain that we are driving a lot during the day(s) (paying for our own gas) picking up sick or dying animals that we see on the street. And, in the afternoon and evenings we have our family time.

I don’t want my children to be roaming around in a car full with sick animals. And, my first priority is being a mother… and we all do this for free.

Animals without Limits works during early hours until late lunch time. Since the animals are out roaming during that time. But our job is also to educate people what to do and when; they get free advice over the phone. We need you to do your part too, helping the sick animal. If you cannot, maybe your neighbor can, or husband. It is all about saving lives.

When I ask for an update later, I never hear from the person(s) again. I send text message or e mail, but nothing. That is a shame, we are all here to provide as much Amore we can.

PS. BUT MY hat off for you who help us a lot.