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Meeting with Portugal Rescue Organisation


 For the first time I flew to Portugal, Lisbon to meet the organisation that are doing a lot of changes for the animals without a home or stuck behind bars. It was a pleasure meeting them and the veterinarian team behind the changes.

 It was heartbreaking to come to the shelter that is communal shelter. The smell, the cages the sad eyes, the hopeful eyes the hopelessness  My tears came but as I said, ‘its not a weakness to show tears as long as you want to do something to change the world’

 This is how they sit for years, alone. A 2 kg rat is passing in between the bars to eats some dogfood. No one goes in to them to pet, only a hose of cold water is being washed in splashing the dogs. No blankets, nothing. On weekends no one.

 I met a homeless dog that belongs to a homeless man. But they are rish they belong to each other and they got their freedom.

 Are these dogs normal in their head after years in these boxes?

 Many are! AWL flew out one girl that had been there for quiet some time. Another young dog that was being abandon by its owner.

 Thank you Mafalda and Raquel for showing me around!

 I flew with Lufthansa and what a wonderful trip back to Germany. So much love for the dogs.

I had Snuffle as a hand luggage and Arischa flew cargo. I was nervous for her. But everything went wonderful.

Its a Promise


The days goes by quickly, amazing scary. So much we want to do, so many souls we want to rescue.

Most of us start New Year with a a resolution of what we want to accomplish. Our promise is to continue working hard rescuing animals. Finding homes, spay and neuter missions, making sure wounded animals (strays) get medical care, food donations to shelters–that allows adoptions outside Italy.

And…open a hospice clinic in Toscana 2017

I hope you will continue following and supporting our work. We cannot do it without you…you are an important link to our work.

That’s Amore!

Mia & AWL Team



 Nothing is more wonderful than receiving happy pictures from every adopted dog. That is when we feel “paid. We all work for free, several hours a day. Many times the hours are not so pleasent. But these pictures are fabilous. Senior Fochetta left in a horrible shelter, a volunteer smuggled her out. Now she lives a dream life in Sweden.

 MIA one of the naughty puppies, that made her earn the name “pain” Boy could that girl nibble. Now in a warm loving home in Sweden.

 MAX, charming Max, walked on base right into the vet clinic and sat down. We were lucky that a foster would take care of him until her husband came home. Well, when husband came home he fell madly in love with MAX. Lucky Max and lucky Steve. (USA/Italy)

 Rosie our love lady. Finally you got your home. SO sad waiting and hoping whenever a new person stepped into the hospice. But one day two wonderful people Thomas and Eva decided to adopt her up in Sweden. O dear what a story…and trip. –Sweden

 Capri sweet Capri, found on an airport, put in a shelter, adopted by a family. One day Capri didn’t like all the dogs and started to attack. But she got her own space and new build garage with beds–but still the family could feel she wanted a small pack. A Swedish lady came and wanted to adopt Capri

together with Philippo that had been locked in a cage for two years, isolated. Now happy together in Sweden

That’s Amore


There are many people out there in the world that are helping us AWL to be able to work, rescuing animals. Without your help we cannot give them any help;  medicine or surgeries. Food to starving dogs, de worming and vaccinations to Puppies. Or, our Senior Dogs at the hospice.

When treated and healed we fine super wonderful homes for them. To you, you are the strongest link in our chain, Team Italy. That’s Amore!

Irena Lamadrid, Sweden
Michelle Gunter “Franka” earmarked puppies. USA
Julie Blair, UK

 Derek rescue by AWL, now having an easy life! Thank you sponsors.

 Our great volunteer Ryan, and his admire from the hospice Stella the Handbag (always want to be carried)

Our small rescue brats that are waiting to be transported to their new families, Germany and Sweden.

Tracey Kleber, USA
China Platou, Sweden
Gennie Greer Day, donated twice “puppies” USA
Clinton & Melissa Gunter “medical help to Franka” USA
Gunilla Tomasson, Sweden
Tracey L Nettles, “our long time monthly sponsor” USA
Helen Dale, USA
Elisabeth Biddle, USA

Franka rescued after many years in shelters. Senior at the hospcie. Barbara with family sponsored one day at the SPA!

Carina Lidbom, Sweden
Ulla Linders ‘Capri & Phillipo”  Sweden
Else Marie Pedersen “Gaby”, Sweden
Annica Wadstrom, Sweden 

Eva Nordstrand, “Franka” Sweden
Patricia Edwards, Sweden

Elisabeth Kruse, Denmark/Germany who is a great sponsor in every project we have. In one way or another, she is amazing.

Ann Livs Grollmeister, Sweden
Anna Persson, Sweden
Marie-Louise Andersson, Sweden
Henrik Ahlberg,  Sweden
And one donation it only says;- With Love!
One of Rosies pups that was rescued by AWL. That’s Amore!



Italy are a nation that abandons every year over 135,000 cats and dogs. There are over 600,000 stray dogs roaming free in Italy and only 33% are caught and taken into kennels. The Regions that have more strays in the territory are: Puglie 70,600; Campania: 70,000; Sicily: 68,000. Calabria 65,000; Lazio: 60,000. The South, as you can see, is the part of Italy more exposed to this problem. The South is even the area with the highest level of corruption and criminality.

The Italians living in an area were the mob exerts influence are over 13 millions. The equivalent of 22% of the Nation. The mob is present in over 610 Italian districts. The Italian mobs: Cosa nostra (Sicily) , Camorra (Campania), N’drangheta (Calabria) and the Sacra Corona Unita (Puglie) have a turnover of over 130 billion of euros.

The gain of the N’drangheta in 2007, that was around 44 billion euro, equal to 2,9% of the National GDP.
To understand the level of corruption it’s enough to analyse the denunciations for corruption you have in percentage this classification: Sicily 13,07%; Campania 11,46%; Puglie 9,44%; Lombardia 9,39%; Calabria 8,19%..
Black economy, tax evasion, arms trade, drug trade, extortion, racket, violence, prostitution, sex slavery, constructions without planning, transformation of the cost in a mass of cement, zoomafia, arsonism, deforestation, the poisoning of the land and of the sea with ships full of toxic and radioactive waste and now the kennel concentration camps
The roots of the problem is that puppies are being abandon on the motorways. Cats abandon cats and dogs like used, squashed beer cans.
Last year we abandoned 90,000 cats and 45,000 dogs. This year, only in the month of June, we abandoned 65,000 dogs and cats. This is the root of the problem.

From this horror everything originates. But note: the abandonment creates fortunes. It makes people rich. And, therefore, we have the commercialisation of the animal alive or dead.

Animals Without Limits contacted Mr Paolo Ricco who took these pictures/text and we are offering our help. Will you offer your help or the silence so this can go on?