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Last week, I got a very important question from a friend.
“Are you becoming more an adoption organisation now? I thought you didn’t want it that way!”

I love this friend, since she dares to ask me honest questions.

It could seem like we are becoming more an adoption organisation, since lately we have helped many dogs finding wonderful homes in Sweden.
AWL will help those dogs that comes in our way, on our path to our next mission/project, a Hospice in Toscany.

We are working and planing behind the curtains on our new Hospice 2017. Nothing can keep me away from that goal, together with some great Animal Friends.
However,  during our planning moments, we cannot stop helping animals that are trapped in cages for years, or found on the streets in bad shapes. Many fantastic families are waiting to open their doors for them. Why not help souls to happiness while planning a bigger cause!

The Hospice is my life, my love, my goal and together we can create a fantastic environment for those poor soles that are trapped forever in cages, that no ones sees. Seniors, that some people doesn’t think have any value. For them to have their own bedroom, a garden to spend relaxing time, and healthy food. But most important, someone that will love them back as much as they love us.

When its time for the animals to leave Mother Earth, to help them cross the bridge to the other side –together with a great veterinarian team.

That’s Amore!



Passing a company were a lot of strays were hanging out. Next to this place is a shelter with approximately 3000 dogs (three thousand) in indoor boxes.

Wonderful Sherry that was rescued by Martina and Pio. Olivia love to be around animal friends

Pio and Martina with sister and boyfriend invited olivia and me to their house. It is wonderful to sit among loving animals friends.

Of course, Olivia and I had to play with the puppies at LegaProAnimale after walking Athena

This little cutie would love to have a forever home. There were so much Amore that day.



Please Spay and Neuter your dog. If you cannot afford it AWL will help you.

Our lives begin to end the day we become silent about things that matter.
Martin Luther King Jr.