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 These pictures were taken by me when I visited a shelter run by the Government back in January 2016 me thinks. Anyway, I saw him right away and fell in love. Finally, I can tell you that I am flying over and bringing him with me back to Germany.

 He is a handsome Senior that should not sit in a place like this. No one should, and I am doing my best to find a solution. It takes time, it shouldn’t but it does. Drives my heart into sadness since time is going so fast and the dogs are having shorter life than we got.

 These is the place. Its smelly and horrible. I have been told that they are making some small changes. Cannot wait to see that in June.

 They are euthanising some of the dogs, but only when they need a new cage, then the oldest or the sickest goes.

Help me make changes for the other dogs there. That’s Amore!

Senior Love


Shiloh and Nonna Maria warming up each other this Christmas 

That’s Amore!

Grooming time


It was so great to have Judith here working on Angelo’s long hair. Senior Angelo looks so adorable now like a puppy. 

Stella did everything to get in between. 

Good morning from Casa dell’Amore


“Its always Monday’s at our Hospice,” the Seniors tells us.

Always love, good food and great volunteers. That’s Amore!

Nonna Maria, Stella and LOVE thinks its the best of life here.

2014 A Year Filled With More Possibilities


It is with great joy that we now step into the year 2014. As with many other’s lives, for  2013 was a year filled with difficulties and many challenges.

Many of those who know, say that 2014 will be the “Year of Harmony”. And for me, I would like to add that I expect it to be a year with many new exiting projects.

Our Hospice Casa dell’Amore is going so well. It has evolved into a  wonderful sanctuary for Seniors that we have found either in shelters (very sick or caged up for many years), or out on the streets. We are a no-kill organization, euthanizing only when illness or injures demand it, when there is no hope for recovery and the animal is in great suffer. At out Hospice, we treat animals to improve or maintain a quality of life for them, we are not trying to keep them alive against their will.  We have veterinarians that we trust and together we can give the Seniors a life of respect.

We do not change the world but if we can inspire people to help the Seniors, then we have successfully planted a seed. For each Senior we help, we have made a world difference.

That’s Amore!