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Old Hearts are Never to Old to Love




We love Seniors!

Golden hearts.

Never be afraid of adopting a Senior.

You want to cut down on your stress, and stay at home working in your garden, or meditate, and mindfulness?

Your best partner would be to have a Senior by your side!


That’s Amore!



Sweet Senior at the vet clinic. Like with humans its important to do your regularly check ups.
I know I am charming with my different ears. Thats Amore!



Last week, I got a very important question from a friend.
“Are you becoming more an adoption organisation now? I thought you didn’t want it that way!”

I love this friend, since she dares to ask me honest questions.

It could seem like we are becoming more an adoption organisation, since lately we have helped many dogs finding wonderful homes in Sweden.
AWL will help those dogs that comes in our way, on our path to our next mission/project, a Hospice in Toscany.

We are working and planing behind the curtains on our new Hospice 2017. Nothing can keep me away from that goal, together with some great Animal Friends.
However,  during our planning moments, we cannot stop helping animals that are trapped in cages for years, or found on the streets in bad shapes. Many fantastic families are waiting to open their doors for them. Why not help souls to happiness while planning a bigger cause!

The Hospice is my life, my love, my goal and together we can create a fantastic environment for those poor soles that are trapped forever in cages, that no ones sees. Seniors, that some people doesn’t think have any value. For them to have their own bedroom, a garden to spend relaxing time, and healthy food. But most important, someone that will love them back as much as they love us.

When its time for the animals to leave Mother Earth, to help them cross the bridge to the other side –together with a great veterinarian team.

That’s Amore!

The Best Teacher Ever

I remember when I was chosen ‘The Dog Friend of the Year’ by the fabilous Magazine ‘Härliga Hund’ It was an honor to be in the same picture as my first rescue Hospice Dog, Dicky. He was in a terrible shape, hit by a car and with broken frontlegs,he laid and had to selfheal. Skin and bones, full of diseases but with a strong heart. I found him in a dark wet cage and I carry him out into the sunshine and green grass. We sat there, him and I. I cried when I had to carry him back into the cage but I promised that I would be back. It took me weeks of hard work until I could go back and convince the lady to give me the permission to bring Dicky to my hospice.
Dicky, you taught me so much before leaving this Earth. In my way of seeing life we didn’t get much time together….but for you, it was eternal. 
I learned that we people want time, long time ……our fear to give someone more than we would get in return…we cannot stand.
I promise, when you discover the love that a Senior can give …you will dare to open your heart heart emoticon
That’s Amore!
The honor should go to Dicky instead, ‘The Best Teacher Ever’

It is Never to Late

Genni our volunteer together with her adopted Senior Dog, Luce went and gave a presentation on keeping animals safe and keeping children safe around animals to her daughters Girl Scout troop so they could earn a safety badge. ” I used my AWL yellow bag and talked about where Lucy came from. As always, Lucy is a super star. I brought my stethoscope and all of the children got to listen to Lucy’s heart beat and of course give her lots of love and attention. ” Genni heart emoticon
What an inspiration

 Luce was a former hunting dog locked into an outside basement without electricity or heat for 10 years.
Her owner died and the rest of the family didn’t want Luce and drove her to the state shelter. We found a home for her here in Germany, the wonderful family Genni (USA)
She was full of cancer and AWL sponsored her surgeries. For over two years now has she been healthy and a big star among children….teaching them….it’s never to late, even if you are a Senior Dog!

That’s Amore!




My heart is nearly bursting out when I read this story and look at the pictures. This woman Kat is one of the volunteers at AWL and I am telling you all, she is an amazing woman. I get so inspired by her and her love for animals. Our hat off for you Kat–and parents.
Here is her story about her beloved dog Tippy.
“This is Tippy.
I adopted her from a local shelter in East Tennessee the summer of 2011. I first met her at an adoption event I was running for the company I worked for at the time. One of the volunteers was walking her. I reached down to scratch under her chin and she licked my hand. 
I was completely in love.
I called the shelter to ask about adopting her and was told that I didn’t even have to pay the adoption fee. 
They were simply happy that someone was interested in her.
I found out that she had been in the shelter for over six months due to her age and medical needs. Tippy had conjunctivitis in her right eye. It was cloudy and twice the size of the other and had to be removed as soon as possible.
She was also an estimated 10 years old.
Shortly after having her right eye removed it was found out she had conjunctivitis in her other eye, as well. The eyes had to be removed when they began to swell because they were causing her immense pain.
Tippy was a fighter throughout the entire process. It did not even stop her from jumping on and off the couch and finding her way around the house. She even still played tug of war with my Shepherd.
A feat in and of itself as she is 12lbs and he is 95lbs.
Rocky, my Shepherd, has always been very protective and patient with Tippy. Nothing slows her down. Not even walks with the large dogs out at my parents house. She does perfectly fine getting around the house as long as you don’t rearrange the furniture.
She is one of the most precious dogs I have ever had the joy of coming into contact with. Tippy has yet to meet anyone that doesn’t immediately fall in love with her.
She’s a fighter and a lesson to all that senior pets, even those with disabilities, are such an incredible addition to the family.”

KAT HORTON with Family.

Nonna Maria


When the cleaning lady is here, me and my bed has to go outside.