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Our Golden Years Together with Magnificent Seniors

Seniors Rocks!
I have to admit, my heart is soft for Senior dogs. Having had my foundation now since 1999 and working with rescuing animals (most dogs) I have met hundreds of wonderful Seniors. Yes, it is not for a very long time you get to keep them(years), however, the time seems in a way longer when you are together with them (time). If that makes any sense.
I have had to say good bye to many Seniors, but I have always been by their side. Always!
In my home I have right now eight (8) Seniors that I adore. I don’t like traveling as much as I did earlier, even if I love traveling 😉 I cut down 50% with my travels. 
Instead I love laying reading and hearing their deep snoring next to me or on the floor on their own bed(s). How they wake up and takes the day with grande relaxing tempo, like the southern Italian dogs they are (ok one American). And….their love is priceless, their deepness in their eyes when they look at you. They make you feel like a Hero!
This January we had to say good bye to one of our rescue dogs Jazz. For one year she had problems holding her bladder. I rolled away the carpets and mopping buckets on every floor. 
My husband growled a little. 
I looked at him with a wrinkle between my eyes and said, “When you get old(er) and start to wet yourself, am I going to get ride of you too?”

I have a hard time understanding people who suddenly abandon their old friend just because he is old and smelly. It shows me their (people) evaluation about becoming old.
My heart become warm when I read about more and more Senior Sanctuaries are opening, and …..that so many more people dare to adopt a Senior.
That’s Amore!


We truly want to thank Ms Diane Jensen and Ms Viviane Sellam, for their donations in Mr Chuck Kleber’s memory.

Please read more about this wonderful man Mr. Louis Charles Kleber 

Long Live his Memory. In our Hearts he will always be remembered. A brilliant man!

That’s Amore



 Our great animal friend, Nicky Mormino together with her friends came with a couch to our Senior Clients. Laika, Cher and Stella loved it right away.

So comfortable.

Thank you friends, we love your kindness. Sharing is carrying!

That’s Amore!



 We have a wonderful loving warm and happy Hospice for Senior dogs. They come very sick and with a sad background. Our goal is to help them get better in a quiet, green and healthy environment.

No cages or crates. We don’t believe in that!

 They got their bedrooms, their beds or couches. LOVE our lovely German Shepard was dumped in a shelter after beings someones pet for 10 years. It was a horrible shelter. Depressed and sick we saw her picture and picked her up. Now, she is our Sunshine!

 Sunny Boy is over 13 years old, the same years as his age he sat in a shelter, never seen grass or other smells than 400 dogs in cages. Can you believe that he is the sweetest happiest Senior dog, taking in every day as his name….Sunny

 Darling Franka Senior Girl left in another shelter 300 dogs since 2003. Sick, skin and bones and depressed she was seen by one of our volunteers.

 Nonna Maria, what a lady…what a Queen! Left on a field to die down in Southern Italy. Seen on pictures by us when the rescue lady asked after help. We adopted her.

Minnie darling, former Puppy Mill breeding dog is now beautiful and healthy. After 10 years of horrible breeding was she left in a garden with a big puppy that wanted to play all the time. Minnie was very sick and depressed. She came to our Hospice and now after surgery and health treatments, she looks like a Star! In a couple of days is she going to her forever family up North. It will be with Happy Tears we say good bye.

That’s Amore!


There are many people out there in the world that are helping us AWL to be able to work, rescuing animals. Without your help we cannot give them any help;  medicine or surgeries. Food to starving dogs, de worming and vaccinations to Puppies. Or, our Senior Dogs at the hospice.

When treated and healed we fine super wonderful homes for them. To you, you are the strongest link in our chain, Team Italy. That’s Amore!

Irena Lamadrid, Sweden
Michelle Gunter “Franka” earmarked puppies. USA
Julie Blair, UK

 Derek rescue by AWL, now having an easy life! Thank you sponsors.

 Our great volunteer Ryan, and his admire from the hospice Stella the Handbag (always want to be carried)

Our small rescue brats that are waiting to be transported to their new families, Germany and Sweden.

Tracey Kleber, USA
China Platou, Sweden
Gennie Greer Day, donated twice “puppies” USA
Clinton & Melissa Gunter “medical help to Franka” USA
Gunilla Tomasson, Sweden
Tracey L Nettles, “our long time monthly sponsor” USA
Helen Dale, USA
Elisabeth Biddle, USA

Franka rescued after many years in shelters. Senior at the hospcie. Barbara with family sponsored one day at the SPA!

Carina Lidbom, Sweden
Ulla Linders ‘Capri & Phillipo”  Sweden
Else Marie Pedersen “Gaby”, Sweden
Annica Wadstrom, Sweden 

Eva Nordstrand, “Franka” Sweden
Patricia Edwards, Sweden

Elisabeth Kruse, Denmark/Germany who is a great sponsor in every project we have. In one way or another, she is amazing.

Ann Livs Grollmeister, Sweden
Anna Persson, Sweden
Marie-Louise Andersson, Sweden
Henrik Ahlberg,  Sweden
And one donation it only says;- With Love!
One of Rosies pups that was rescued by AWL. That’s Amore!