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 We would ask you to take a moment and send this girl some light and love. She is since yesterday at Dr Damiani clinic for observation. Yesterday she got a seizure and was rushed to Dr Damiani by Martina from receiving emergency calls from Amy and Valerie (Thank you girls for great work.)

Tigre had to stay over night with an IV and today we are all waiting for news. What ever the girl want, we will fulfill. What ever Universe want we will listen to. No suffering but if fighting we will do so.

That’s Amore!


I wrote last Thursday a memorial peace for Leo, that some dogs touches your inner soul even if you only have known them a short period time.
I cannot say I got that honor to do that with Contessa, a beautiful long-hair German Shepard between 10-13 years old. But her story touched me, deeply.
Two weeks ago a recieved a message about a German Shepard with an eye problem in a 400 dog shelter, could I help? Well, you who have followed the last bloggings about Contessa knows what I am talking about.

Let me give you a little bit more information about this shelter and the woman behind it, Adrianne. Adrianne has a shelter and the Goverment said to her if she could take some dogs from them when they had caught them on the street she would get finacial help. She did and they gave her 200 dogs and helped her and then the money stopped coming in. She wrote, she called, she visited it was always the same…tomorrow!

She wrote to the Italian newspaper and TV, they came out filmed and interviewed and said…”of course we will help…tomorrow!” Well tomorrow has now been over 2 years old and she has 400 dogs in cages that never come out.

There is nothing wrong with her love for them, but she is walking on her knees, her face is so tired and filled with wrinkles, and still she thanks me a lot.
I introduced Simona and Martina to her shelter and they together with other girls are doing difficult work but doing it great, trying to adopt out dogs.

So, Contessa was in this shelter, a dog that the Government deposited with Adrianna. Her right eye becomes diseased, and starts to swell within the socket, turning this ugly redish-blackish color. Tumor!
Martina asks if we can help, and provide a place for Contessa to recover at the Hospice. That’s how I came to know and care for Contessa.

Contessa got her surgery and I picked her up in the evening. I was so proud how after only a few days, she recognized my voice. She followed me as a little puppy and when she wagged her tail, I was so proud over her.

I had warm feelings for her, I could see her beauty and I couldn’t wait to get her better, or comfortable and she could walk with me on the grass and lay in the sun a little.

She had been in this shelter on the conrete floor since 2003, I wanted so much more for her.

We did everything according to the book. Made sure she wasn’t suffering, blood test, ultra sound, x-ray and an eye specialist. But the Universe wanted somthing else.

The night when I went to the hospice to say good night to all the residents and Contessa, she was curled up by the radiater on a matteress and pillow. She lifted her face when she heard me coming in the stairs, it made me smile. She ate wet food and I petted her gentlely and told her I was proud over her.

The next day she had a bad sezuire that scared me when I saw it. I knew this was a severe one; I could tell from my experience with Cody. She got an veterinarian order for vallium and she slept. Nine hours later, she had another seizure that made her heart stop. Her life stopped suddenly without any warnings or explanations, only sadness.

I know this is my work and having a hospice and sick old clients this will happen. But it doesn’t mean I won’t feel anything, I do, because I care for them, I love them.
It is not an institution, it is Casa della Amore. The day that I stop crying for these souls, you will have to give me another job, because that is not Amore.

“Contessa, there was something special about you and in my dreams I wanted you to become better and either stay in the hospice forever, or Martina and I we would have found you a wonderful home.
Now you are together with Leo and the others with your rainbow wings. Rest in Peace, dear Contessa. I love you. “



I apologize that I have not been updating AWL ‘s blog in a couple of days, suddenly I must have gotten writer’s block, or more emotional block. In life you can met someone and for a very short time you get very attached to that person or animal. It recently happened to me.

A couple of weeks ago I recieved an e-mail from a family who was devestated. Their 10 year old fury friend had biten their one year old daughter, not once but twice. The ER doctor that stiched their daughter up told them they had to put the dog to sleep. Imagine, your best friend that lived with you, moved with you all the way from Hawaii, slept in your room, went on big walks….now you had to put him to sleep. Of course their daughter was most important, but guilt and friendship is difficult to handle all the same. They would walk around rest of their life getting memories that they had to put him down.

Cody didn’t like puppies or children in his face, and most of this family’s friends had children. It would always be nervousness and unease, worrying if Cody would bite again.

They made an appointment to euthanize their buddy. But the veterinarian on base told them to call me. Every day I get many e-mails, and many of them are “if you don’t get my dog we will throw him into a shelter.”

This one was so emotionally strong, not begging…explaining with a frustration, or confusion, or resigned saddness.

I wrote back that I wanted to met Cody. Maybe he could stay at the hospice?

I met the family, and Cody walked right up to me and gave me his nose to nose, not a lick and then he laid down away from me. I could sense his kindness, and how much they loved him.

They told me that “grandma” in Hawaii could take him, they only had to wait for his passport, that would probably be ready in the middle of November.

I thought it was brilliant! He would stay with us at the hospice and then we would ship him to Hawaii. Although about 10 years old, he was the picture of good health and could have many good years left.

The family came and droped him off, we were all smiling over how Cody was the only one who got his own room on the second floor, with a bed and a view out to the lake and mountains in the distant background. The other oldies couldn’t make it up the stairs.

Cody had a huge stuffed dinosauer that he carried or slept with. He got his mom’s pillow on the bed so he could still smell her sent. “Mom” felt so bad, she cried even if she knew he was safe now. She felt like she had deserted him.

We kept e-mail contact and they came and visited Cody once in a while, and he was so happy to see them. They played catch and cuddled in the couch. Always, they sent a thank you note to me afterward.

One morning at 0500 Cody came down as always and we greeted each other, then he went out and made his buisness. I was standing making the food when I suddenly felt something wasn’t correct, Cody was not standing behind me drooling for his breakfast. I called. No answer.

I ran up to his room and outside I found him laying having a strong seizure, it was the most difficult thing I ever seen. His whole body was in such a cramp. Next to him laid Angel, our 17 year old blind male had walked up all the stairs to lay down next to him. I sat with Cody, trying to comfort him and figure out what to do. Behind my legs laid my own German Shepard, Zara, supporting me.

It was now 0600 and I called our veterinarian’s home and woke him up explaining what was going on. I knew I needed to do something. Valium! I ran downstairs, made a shot, back up and gave it to him.

I carried him down to my SUV and drove like a maniac to the Emergency animal hospital that pulled me into a room right away.

He stayed there for 24 hours and his blood test was great, healthy. Poison or tumor? We searched the hospice for any trace of a poison that he might have gotten into. Nothing.

They couldn’t medicate him since they didn’t know what it was, I took him back to the hospice, with the instruction to come back if he got a new seizure.

His family was there visiting him, of course with the painful question, “What had happened?”

He came back to the hospice and was ok for a couple of days, but I could sense something was wrong. I noticed that when I called to him, he looked the other way. I took him to our veterinarian for tests, a new blood test and by Dr Fransesco who is a brain specialist ( forgive me, I know he has a fancier name than that).

He made some tests with his legs that showed there was something neurologically wrong, but what? Whatever it was, was happening so fast to worsen his capacity as a dog.

The x-rays, MRI and CAT scans with specialist were up in Rome, three hours away, but an appointment was made. The family would drive the next day.

The night before Cody started to become sick again. I gave him valium like I’d been advised, but he stopped eating. During the night he had several small seizures but was able to sleep in between them. But when the morning came, he started to be worse. Kate his wonderful mom, came driving and we put Cody gentlely in the car on his blancket with his beloved dinosaur next to him. Off they drove at a high speed, up to the specialists in Roma.

Hours later I received the news, “‘Cody didn’t make it. He had a big tumor in his brain. Thank you for everything you have done for Cody and us.”

This was last Friday, and still I don’t go up to the room he slept in. I miss Cody so much. We volunteers joked that Cody was such a good guy, loving and funny making the hospice to feel lively, like a home. We all felt Cody was special.

So interesting in life how a short relationship can tattoo your heart with such strong feeling. I can never image the pain his mom must be going through right now.

I try to comfort myself with the thought that “whomever” planned this did it so we could get an answer. If Cody would have been put to sleep after he bit their daughter, maybe maybe his owner would feel guilty frequently through life for putting their best friend down. Now, with the tumor they get to feel closure and show the world that Cody wasn’t a dangerous dog, something else triggered his behavior in the end. Something his gentle nature couldn’t overcome.

At the hospice we have a puppy, “Gracey Lynn,” who really was hanging in Cody’s face. He never ever did anything to her, I was amazed. I even told him “Cody you can tell her ‘no'” but he never would, not even a little warning snarl. My children were with me, other children came and visited. I told them what I knew about Cody and told them to let him be…and they did….and so did he. He really was such a great dog.

Farewell, Cody. We hope you and your family will be reunited one day, across the rainbow bridge, where you can run and play again, forever.



Last night was a scary evening. Julian’s foster mom, Rita, called me and said Julian was not doing so well could I come over? On top of everything my phone dies, and I panic! What was wrong?
I ran to my car drove, like a maniac over to see Jake and Rita, holding a very confused, stressed Julian. He had had a seizure, a big one!

I called our vet, who said that we could/should give him Valium. Rita drove to the pharmacy while Jake and I tried to calm Julian down.

My heart broke to see him blind, confused and stressed walking into things and screaming. We couldn’t hold him, he was like a slippery snake. We locked him into a cage/crate but he was stressed.

Rita came back and we gave Julian the Valium, and waited….nothing positive happened.
Julian started to cry and howl….before for the past week we had heard nothing from him. I told Rita if in a couple of hours he didn’t calm down, to give him more.

He didn’t calm down, and more didn’t help. Rita and Jake drove him into the Animal ER, where he was taken good care of with an IV if he would get another seizure.

Last night was a nearly sleepless night. I was so worried. I woke up at 0400 hearing myself saying goodbye to Julian. I was scared! I didn’t want him to suffer, and I didn’t want to put him to sleep because it had been uncomfortable and scary to watch him last night.

Think “Blind”, think “blind” I told myself.

Olivia my daughter who didn’t know anything about this since she had been with friends the whole evening asked me why I was sad. I never try to pretend, I want her to see that a mom can be sad too. I told her I was sad because a dog was sad. She sat quietly during some seconds and then said to me “Do you want Sister Erica to make him feel better up here?” and she puts her little hand at her own head.

I smile at her, my angel face and nods yes, yes I would very much like that.

Later in the morning I get a message from Rita, Julian is eating and doing fine, he can come home. The vet told them that Julian is a true survivor!

Foster parents Jake and Rita Schneider. Without you Julian would probably not be alive. You saved him and kept doing everything to make this little guy survive. Thank you, this is so much Amore.