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This is Sally, one year old (10 kg) and spayed yesterday. She was rescued by volunteers; Martina and Pio who spotted her roaming around a lot of cars in heavy traffic. Sally was stressed and in a kind of panic mood. Like she had been dumped and not used to be a street dog.

 Sally is staying in Martina and Pio’s home resting after being spayed at Dr Damiani clinic.

Sally is great with people and other dogs, a really sweet-heart. Sally would be happy to be a family dog–she got her dog-bag packed and ready to go.

Thank you AWL for sponsoring for the steralization. That’s protective Amore!



Angelina was on her way to the hospice when she saw this little girl roam around in the traffic. Angelina stoped and got the puppy in the car. A dirty old collar was she wearing, no microchip.

Following day, she was rescued again. This time by a wonderful couple HC Duke and his lovely wife Brenda.

Sally is now Cara (means dear in Italian) couldn’t have a more lovely warm home. I know, since HC Duke has been (is) AWL’s fan followed our work for two years, and been regularly donating to our foundation.

Little sweet Cara, only a couple of hours in our care, but you sure touched many hearts. Now HC Duke and Brenda won yours. That’s Amore.