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Valentines Day Gifts


Best Valentine for hungry loving hearts. Delivered to Rossella Shelter which whom we have worked together with –more and less– since 2008.

Over 100 bags and cartons of dog and cat food and lots of boxes of treats. It took our beautiful volunteer Nicky Mormino two trips to drive.


That’s Amore,

–Southern Italy–

Winter is Coming


The shelter dogs down in southern Italy, doesn’t have warm homes or any cozy beds, to crawl up in. Instead they  will only have empty growling stomachs.

We ask you kindly AWL Friends, to help us help the Shelter that we worked together with since 2009.
Your donations goes to food 🐶

Every donation, no matter the size, has an impact.

That’s Amore!


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Heading down to Napels Italy Shelter Mission


With my best volunteer we drove down to Napoli, Italy again. We were so exited and with the SUV full of dog food that we bought in Germany, we were even more exited. –Thank you for your donations, we cannot do this without your help.

We picked up beautiful Nicky and brought her with us to Rossella Shelter. A shelter AWL helped during 2009-2010 and now we are back. Rossella had moved and her shelter was top. Nice and clean.

Its a tough job carrying all these heavy bags…but who said we couldn’t. Getting nice summer arms.

As always so many beautiful souls. This guy was so happy to get love and company. He is waiting for his home.

Another little cutie.

Two cuties having a conversation.

Rossella has worked with rescuing dogs for over 30 years. Amazing since it is a very tough work with no salary.
Love and hugs when we got to see each other again.
That’s Amore!



This cat was having so many kittens, now caught and sterilized. Thank you Angelina!

Terrible picture, but it is a female puppy in a shelter. Rossella shelter.

Whisky….finally! Thank you Martina and Pio.



Another wonderful loving day at Rossella shelter last Saturday morning, we gave many as possible a bath and love

Remember a month ago the sad picture of a very sick Fiore. Here he is, doing so much better its amazing. Now they could cut of all his horrible fur.

And more love, and bathing…it was a bittersweet moment. It is always heartbreaking to put them back in their cages. But with love and stimulation they have a better luck to find a home.

We brought the dog food that had been donated earlier in the week with us.

And yes, the twins Shelly and Gabby were working really hard and beautiful. They carried, bathed, and walked the shelter dogs, and the whole time with a great attitude. Thank you so much Shelly and Gabby, have a safe trip back to the States.

And our trooper volunteer Olivia, who took out the mother and gave her a break and a bath. Of course some Amore afterwards to.

Olivia so wanted to take out Tiger and have him washed. For 30 minutes she was standing by his cages yelling….we gave up and Leah helped her. Thanks Leah for treats and the hard work, it is always a pleasure having you with us in the team.

Aha, Yolanda well that was a hard working woman. She even washed the cages. Yolanda, you rock! Thank you so much for giving these dogs a very good day.

And we carried and carried, and we also had some medicine with us…not much but it will help some. (Leah had all the colourful leaches around her neck)

More puppy love!

And thank you Elaine (Public Affairs) for coming out making a story about our work and hopefully inform people about the situations.

Thank you; Mark, Elaine with her beautiful twins Shelly and Gabby, Yolanda, Tammy, Leah, Olivia
Towels Lynn and Tammy.
And Anna who stopped by before going to work with a big bag of dog food. Thank you for helping making a difference and for your love. That’s Amore!



Last Saturday we went to Rosella’s shelter for walking and washing dogs (and food donation). The sun was warm and we were a group of 10 that did fantastic work. It is great when the team is doing well together, helping and laughing too. Then one of the volunteers Megan came up to me and told me that there was a German Shepherd bleeding badly.

A very stressed German Shepard was chewing up his tail, his scream was heart breaking. I told Rosella she needed to take him to the vet, or he would bleed to death otherwise. I got him out of the cage and as soon as he felt something around his neck he screamed and jumped like a wild one, then attacked his tail (what was left of it) I took his face in my hands and spoke to him, he calmed down and his beautiful eyes searched after help. It was difficult to get him out he was panicking in between, and I guess it looked worse to me with all the blood. Rosella couldn’t deal with the blood, the new volunteer couldn’t do it either, it became like a circus. I told everyone to calm down, that their energies would affect him more. I got him in the mini-van and our volunteer Mark sat with him since he went into panic attacks.
Not long after they left for the vet, they came back with him! The vet told them we should wash the tail and give him antibiotics.
I got so mad and everybody heard me cursing in Italian. We couldn’t touch his tail, he screamed and then putting him into a cage on wet concrete, he would just keep bleeding and get infections if he didn’t bleed to death first!
I was so mad, what an incompetent veterinarian who doesn’t give his client treatment! I took the German Shepherd into my SUV and with Olivia drove him to the vet team LegaPro. Dr Gigi got informed and he agreed together with Lorenzo that what was left of the tail needed amputation. They said they would keep him for 10 days! You see that is what I call service!
I call him Jessie. Jessie is so sweet and will die a slow painful death if we return him to the cage, that I call the death cage. He is young, sweet and needs so much confirmation that he is a handsome guy who never will be hit or tied up. A forever home? A foster home? Hope?
Thank you AWL team for all the great work you did, Vania and her friend Megan with Husband Jason, and Megan’s mother and brother, too (a wonderful warm hearted fun family). Reece (who made me think of chocolate the whole time) Darren our trooper trimmer, and Mark always with us, Lindy our great walker. Without you AWL is nothing. THANK YOU This is Amore



AWL is sponsoring two dogs from Rossella shelters to be steralized. Thank you Pio for driving them to LegaProAnimale.

Giada is her name a wonderful lady who finally nursed all her puppies and could be steralized now.

Some time ago AWL had Diana Pit bull sterilized too. We got good news yesterday, she got a home! Congratulation family for getting a wonderful “friend”