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I have visited Robyn Wire every day since she was brought in to Dr. Damiani’s clinic (read earlier blog entries.) Dr. Damiani called me after the surgery to tell me the remarkable news that Robyn was doing fine after 5 hours surgery. Dr. Damiani and his team had to amputate the whole leg, because if it were only amputated from her wrist she would still probably lean on her stump, causing wounds and infection to easily develop. She also had to be sterilized, and have two hernia surgeries (probably due to her recent litter of puppies.) I made the decision (since she is (AWL) dog, with the advice of course of Dr. Damiani, to do all the surgeries at same time.

Her personality is typically a farmers dog: distant, won’t make eye contact. A novice person would read her as afraid. That is why I didn’t want to have her go through two traumatic surgeries — while she is anesthetized let’s do everything towards getting her better. I am so amazed by Dr. Damiani and his skills. He is so thorough and informative. Never is he big headed, rather he is so down to earth and his passion for dogs (animals) is wonderful.

Yesterday I went to see her and out she comes walking on three legs. I was stunned! Already!

If this was a human the person would be still in bed eating painkillers and it would take weeks before they regained the strength and ability. Children and animals are amazing, positive warriors / survivors. She is ready to come to AWL’s rehab/hospice for treatment and when she is ready for adoption we will let you know. A wonderful gentleman from Los Angeles Craig Kleber wrote me a letter telling me he would finance her surgery! We are so thankful for his support for Robyn. I also want to thank Lynn Hunter, Lena Lilier, Tammy Hampikian and Tracey Kleber for their donations for upcoming treatments for Robyn. With all your support we can have a faster recovery for Robyn. Without your support we couldn’t have done this. We love you. You guys are Amore.



Please read Sunday blog entry about Robyn found with a wire trap around her leg. Today did Dr Damiani and his team make the surgeries. Robyn had to amputate her right front leg, it was “dead” She also had two hernia that were fixed and at the same time we wanted her spayed. Wonderful Dr Damiani and team worked hard from 13.00-17.30 with Robyn. That’s Amore. Some would say poor little girl…but she is safe now and in good hands. If not found by Rob and Tammy she would have died, slowly and painful. Thank you Dr Damiani, again……you are a hero! More tomorrow!