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Some of you have asked if I cannot translate my columns that I write for Magazine Nara. Here is my latest. Happy Reading!
Chained Animals in the Human World

He stood frozen with a thick chain around his neck. The beautiful Rottweiler’s neck weighed down and I could feel his pain along his entire back. Our eyes met!
I could not understand why the owner kept him chained and locked up in a cage! Despite the dull eyes he did radiate a strong wisdom. I feel a strong despair about chained animals, for all animals that are being held in captivity. 
Suddenly I heard an inner voice from him:
“You people show more fears than any other animal on this planet. You want to own and claim the lives of those who radiate love and wisdom. Your fears go on for generations and wont end until every single person says stop.
We animals have an important role in your life. Together!
What comes out from you affects the chain of life. It affects your neighbor, zoos, families, friends, strangers and most importantly, children.”
My daughter Olivia, was maybe three or four years old, when she went a couple of hours a week to an Italian kindergarten. One day the Kindergarten would go to the circus. My heart clenched. I did not want Olivia to go there, the circus used live animals. I expressed my despair to a good friend.
“Mia let her go there and get her own impression. If she does not get to go, it will be even more difficult for her to understand all the children’s joy the next day in school. She will feel excluded. In addition, she will never learn to argue either, ” said my wise friend.
It was with a fake smile, I waved goodbye to the happy children at the school bus. A few hours later I picked Olivia up at the schoolyard. She was walking towards me with her head bowed. Her little arms hugged me, “Mom, it was so horrible to see these animals, they do not feel good!”
My eyes filled with tears, I whispered quietly, thank you universe, and to my friend and to my wise little daughter Olivia.
You’re probably wondering what happened to the Rottweiler? I tried to talk to the owner of the Rottweiler and the police, but they all looked at me with empty, bland eyes. One night, “someone” cut the padlock and the neck chain with a bolt cutter. Today King lives at an unknown location with protected identity.
That’s Amore!
You can also read it on TIDNINGEN NARA in Swedish



This is Sally, one year old (10 kg) and spayed yesterday. She was rescued by volunteers; Martina and Pio who spotted her roaming around a lot of cars in heavy traffic. Sally was stressed and in a kind of panic mood. Like she had been dumped and not used to be a street dog.

 Sally is staying in Martina and Pio’s home resting after being spayed at Dr Damiani clinic.

Sally is great with people and other dogs, a really sweet-heart. Sally would be happy to be a family dog–she got her dog-bag packed and ready to go.

Thank you AWL for sponsoring for the steralization. That’s protective Amore!



You have been able to read about Sunday Rose from earlier blog entries. Rescued from a water field ditch, with borelia, leichaminiosis, and underweight.

She was close to death. when Dr April found her and took her in to her clinic. Treatment started and AWL answered on her request for help, our Hospice stepped in.
We loved her this little bird looking dog, we continued medication and gave her good nutrition food
To our great news she is now with a lovely lady who adopts dogs with disabilities. Rosie is now living in Northern Italy living her dream life. Rosie is blind but finds her way around the house brilliant. This is Amore!



Yesterday me (Martina) and Chiara where on the Asse Mediano coming back home.
We saw 3 cars stopped on the right side of the street and also in the middle of the street near the guardrail. 5 people were near an handsome german shepard about one years old. He was laying down close to the people.
So we stopped the car and ran across the street to see the dog.
He was fine and sooo sweet! one boy told us that he was running in the middle of the street. I have never seen so many people worried for a dog.
One younger man was a dog trainer volunteer in a kennel.
After me (Martina) and Chiara also another car stopped and another volunteer.
I had a collar and a leash in my bag.
A woman called the asl (dogcatcher to the horrible shelters in Campania, once you are inside the shelter no way bakc) but I asked PLEASE PLEASE to someone to bring him and I would help to find him a home…then one of the younger men (the one in the pic with the black jacket) said “i will adopt him!” 🙂
He also got 4 dogs 🙂 3 female and a male.
Then he said ” now I’ve to castrate him…” so I said that we will sponsor the surgery…

Mia comment; wonderful story from Martina and Chiara. And for AWL that can sponsor the neutering. What a great day with people that work together That´s Team Amore! (All Italians ♥)