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I Never Left I Only Changed Direction

I am sorry if you thought I was gone. I am still working with Animals Without Limits, I am still the CEO
However I changed to make my own site and write about my AWL missions–and others too, of course.
I will try to update on this page too, but to catch up….I will see what I can do to update you all.
That’s Amore!

Shelter Sunday

Todays shelter day at Rosellas place. Nicky, Chris, Bianca, Lauren and Neil of course other wonderful volunteers spent Sunday helping out. Cleaning, brushing and loving up on those that sits behind bars.

Bianca was so happy to see Nicky again. Brushed and getting out to walk. Green grass, thats life.

King was found by a volunteer very sick and probably abused. He is doing progress and this time our volunteer could brush him. We want to adopt him and got a wonderful home. However, the rescue woman doesn’t want to adopt him outside Italian border.

We are heartbroken about this decision!

Puppy season!!!

Thank you all for making this Sunday special for the animals, and of course for all volunteers.



En liten jul donation till AWL och samtidigt fa dessa vackra julkort (10 st)
Ge en julgava fran din fyfota van till en fyrfoting som inte far nagon varm jul. Fotografierna ar fd hemlosa hundar fran sodra Italien som nu lever i Sverige och har sin egen varma sang och massor av karlek.
Mark donationen “julkort” sänd ett email till med din adress.
PG: 53 61 62-1 
BG: 476-9246
Julkorten skapade av Ulla Linders heart emoticon



 Lottie is a former rescue dog from Napoli, Italy, already with her second family. The family cannot keep her, since she is a very determent lady already, doing her best to test the family the whole time. The first owner went through private reasons.

Lottie hasn’t had good luck and its NOT her fault. In Napels many rescue and help dogs and sometimes the match doesn’t work. Its like being a Marathon runner married to a couch-potato that never would let you out of the door. You with all the energy would start screaming, chewing some of his shoes so at least he would notice you. Scratch the walls, but when he ones in awhile would see you, you would cuddle up to him, since you know what unconditional love is. Same with Lottie. Lottie is a hunting dog, not a small Fuffo that licks her butt the whole day.
Lottie is a handful and in the wrong family. Not that there is something wrong with this family. The match is whats not right.
This has never been an AWL dog, but the owner asked us to help them find Lottie a wonderful home were she can stay.
Lottie is two (2) years old and a pure breed beagle. She hasn’t been spayed but will be before next family (AWL requirement).
Lottie is very loving and loves playing with toys and having cuddles. She had a very stubborn nature which makes it hard for us to train her without help. She needs a lot more attention than we can give her as we are a very busy family.
She is vaccinated and microchip.
As you can see she is good with kids and our other dog Bella.
She can go to Sweden and Germany



 Our great animal friend Craig Kleber from Brentwood, LA, USA –I would like to call him our AWL Ambassador (or Saint), is one of a kind. He is following our cases with a big heart and passion. He is an amazing true animal friend. However, his love and care for animals doesn’t only go one direction.

Yesterday, AWL received this email and a donation check, 1000 dollar, in Cachito’s memory from Craig.
We (AWL) also want to send our respect and love to the Camacho family.
RIP Cachito
In the name of ‘Cachito’ (his guardians were the Camacho family) – a rescued dog who was loved by all who knew him. Cachito crossed the Rainbow Bridge last night after fighting illness, but he was surrounded by love and care so his journey started happily. He lived a long life on this earth and now will live forever with his doggie friends. I gave him some special treats and vitamins a few months ago and he wrote me a nice note on Saturday night that I want to share.
“Hi Mr. Craig, my name is Cachito. I am not feeling well. My sister Araceli and my mom have taken good care of me all of these years and I so thank them for all that and the happiness they have given me! I think my stay here will not be for long.”
Vaya con dios Querido Cachito