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Billy Bob came walking on the base, following Bruce and his rescue dog all the way to Bruce’s apartment. Bruce couldn’t for his life throw him back out on the street, rainy and cold. So now Billy Bob is getting taken care of, vaccinated, sterilized and will be a great companion for someone special.

Two puppies waiting for their forever homes, sleeping inside a house after having been abandoned in a small box together with 8 other puppies. Pringle and Truffle, Amore.

WE are having rain and rain and rain. It is cold and nasty and the poor strays are trying to stay warm and dry. Different situations….



But that didn’t stop us–well some. The puppies are growing so fast and are now learning to eat by themselves.

But a little drink now and then doesn’t hurt. Jackie out great volunteer made sure that everything is clean blankets and their little house.

It is not a glamorous job, picking poop after 85 dogs….Brandy did a great job!

Pio an Italian volunteer is at the shelter every Saturday, early morning until late afternoon. Him and Martina (another IT great volunteer) are fantastic.

Todd found the other puppies that were abandoned in a church.
It was a lot of Amore in the rain. Thank you AWL volunteers; Jackie, Lindy, Eric, Todd, Mark, Brandy, Mia, Kristin.