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Unlucky Lucky Bacio


The lady Rossella in the shelter grabs my arm in a tight grip! I look at her. Rossellas eyes are filled with tears. She opens a door and there, there a tinny puppy looks at me. Rossella had seen a woman kicking the poor little thing. Blood came out from his ears. 

CEO AWL Mia Mattson snuggled with Bacio (kiss in Italian)

Our beautiful volunteer Megan Seibert held him and comforting him. She feel in love-

He is now being monitored by veterinarian and when he is a little bigger he will move to his family that are waiting for him with big hearts ❤️

That’s Amore!

Mio My Mio Searching for a Home


 Napolitano, Italy. Mio can travel to Sweden or Germany….well…to the perfect home for him.

He is the sweetest thing, playful and happy. Loves people, other dogs and children. Preferable little older children since he is still a puppy.
Mio is 7 months old and his weight is 15 kg
He was left by his owner when they moved!!! Thanks to one wonderful animal friend he is safe but seeking his own home.
For more information please contact



He really knows how to entertain you, he could work like dog-comedian
He was being rescue while someone was kicking him. Teddy Odino was shaking and terrified.
You couldn’t touch him without him screaming out of fear.
Today Odino is a different dog.
Always cheerful, playful, and fun.

He ambushes and play as only a puppy can do.

Teddy Odino is less than one year old and he is a medium-size dog between 13 and 15 kg.
He’s wonderful with both male and female dogs.
Are you ready for that smile?

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 Monday Love Project!

This beautiful puppy is Bia. She is only 4 months old and will grow up to a medium/large size dog.
Bia and a group of stray dogs lives behind a church close to our volunteers Martina and Pio in Southern Italy.
They go there and feed the dogs and at the same time keeps an eye on them. Last Saturday they notices that Bia stood totally still and her hind leg was “dangling”.
Bia was rushed to Dr Damiani and Dr Fransesco.

Poor Bia has a broken femur, a really bad break. Dr Damiani applied a plaster Bia cannot go back on the road, of course! She need a foster mom or a family that can take care of her forever.
At this moment she is a guest in Martina’s and Pio’s house.

We need your help to help us help Bia get back to happiness and health. Please we are in big need of donations, for her medical care and later sterilization.

 Please ear mark your donation with the name Bia.


It doesn’t feel that long a go when Todd and I went and picked them all eight up, plus mom and dad.
The wonderful family Phelps came and fell madly in love with Merlin. They spent many days at the hospice together with him and siblings. And then one day, they could bring him home.

The whole family adores Merlin, and he is having a wonderful family. That’s Great Dane Amore!