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Normally we do not accept puppies at the hospice. We are not a shelter, we are a sanctuary for senior dogs. It can be very stressful for older dogs to have puppies playing and yapping all day long.
But, these three were being found on the NAVY Base and were going to be caught and handed to the shelters. And we know how these shelters operates.

Two, we have found home to, but the brown black, she is still waiting for your warm arms.



After a great day in the shelter near Caserta, Martina, Olivia and I drove

home. As with every other day, we stopped by to feed The Mother of all the puppies by the church in Castle Volturno. 
We were very tired after a long day of working in the shelter, but decided we had to stop and feed them. And what a lucky decision! 

One of the puppies’ head was stuck in an empty foodcan, totally exhausted and dizzy. We got his head out and could make sure he wasn’t cut or wounded. 
We de-wormed them all; mother Bobby, puppies, and sister Chicca, and gave them plenty of food. The place was full of trash,and we tried to clean up a little. 

We found two puppies that had beenkilled, probably by other strays. But it made us concerned, we didn’t want any other puppies to be killed. We had to move them quickly! 
Also pushing us was that mother Bobby was old and tired, and needed to have a break. Another big factor, was that other area puppies had gotten out, were killed by the cars on the busy street next to them.

The next morning we picked the puppies up, seven cuties. 

We started to wonder if the puppies were from two litters.  We drove to the hospice and Lori Garcia was there and helped us to make one room into a “nursery room” for the seven bundles of joy.

Dr. Vittorio came over on an Italian holiday, and helped us with examination and vaccination of all the puppies, and even some of our other associates:Valerie’s rescue dog, and Chiarra’s boyfriend’s rescue dog. It sure was one hot, buzzy, busy day.

The next day we had a wonderful lady named Julia Johnson helping us to foster five of the puppies while two stayed for observation at the hospice: Tiny and Marlene. 

Tiny was the smallest and skinniest, he was very low and mellow, so he had to get extra puppy milk. Marlene was shy and we wanted him to grow and glow, and so they both did.

All puppies are now adopted and doing wonderfully.




Two wonderful volunteers, Ivan and Fede found mother with her two puppies. They are searching for good loving homes. AWL made sure they are de wormed and healthy, and vaccinated.
If you want to adopt please contact us

That’s Amore help.



This is momma Dog! She is “very” pregnant and will have any days now. She is a stray no where to go, no arms to be folded into. Instead she is on the streets, ice cold and everyone is kicking her away.

AWL got her a wood dog house for now, some blankets and food. She is in a “kind off” safe place outside in a parking place. Its not on the busy streets.
She is so loving and warm, and only want to please you. AWL would be so enormous happy if you could lend us your yard, or garage until the puppies are 8 weeks and we can adopt them away. We will pay for medical treatment, food, blankets and stay in touch with you every day to know how our babies are doing. Please don’t let them freeze to death. That’s Cold Amore.



Here’s Trevor…..

We still have mom and dad Great Dane that we rescued 2 months ago with 8 puppies. We have 4 puppies remaining, Cindy & Morgana (F), and Trevor & Stewart (M). A Great Dane rescue organization in Italy is going to help us to adopt away the puppies (born 30 July) to great families. Momma and Daddy will hopefully go to Spain together, (we need sponsors for that trip). A great home is awaiting them there.

Hilly Billy’s from the country side….Me and Stewart!


Cindy surprise! Out for a stroll…

Our sweet Morgana…..

And momma dog, Lady, who we drove to Lega Pro to have sterilized. Thank you to Pio for helping me lift 60 kg of dog into my SUV.