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On my way home I saw this beautiful dog, trying to find food for the day. She is very old and is having a problem standing on her legs. Tired and the hectic traffic is passing very close. Every day is a struggle.

She is not in pain, she is tired and alone.

I stopped to give her food and she was a little timid. My husband stopped today and she was more allowing him to be close to her, but still very tired.

I remember Lupa, the very old German Shepard that we rescued from a horrible shelter, and gave her a warm bed and food. She slept for nearly two weeks. She had a short time with us (and we with her), but it was incredible to see the life in her eyes, after resting. She got a peaceful end when she wanted to go.

Everyone should have a peaceful end.

Here are so many old strays that are struggling, and the law says you are not allowed to put a healthy dog to sleep. Even some people are leaving their old pets on the highway.
AWL is working on a project with a hospice/rehab clinic, together with veterinarian’s to rescue old strays and to let them have a good amore ending.

Please join us in our project!
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Shelter Project


This is the place AWL, together with other local Italian organizations, are working on to rescue the 51 dogs lives.

As one said on Saturday when out there, “it is like a scene from ‘Pappion’, the film about a prisoner on French Guiana”. Like in the movie, these dogs did nothing to cause their incarceration — it is all man’s doing.