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Last Friday I picked up plastic pallets from a warehouse and delivered them yesterday to a shelter. Thank you Bill for volunteering that morning, and also walking Fred. Olivia was walking one dog while Max was eating cookies.

It was heartbreaking walking around looking into these begging eyes. 130 dogs with different stories. A beautiful Husky puppy 4-5 months old doing everything to get our attention.

Look at the cage! Wouldn’t you want to save an animal?
When you abandon a dog, this is the view the dog will have.

Someone said they wouldn’t help AWL since we had enough. Look at these pictures and tell me if its assumption or fact!

Our former “volunteer” Lindy Bunn’s favorite walking couple Ginger and Fred. Lindy asked from Germany how they were doing and to give them a walk and kiss. And we did!

Thank you for making a difference with good true facts and hard work. That’s Amore!



AWL had a nice, but short day at Rossella’s shelter today. Walking, cleaning plastic pallets, brushing and loving these dogs. They give us much love and thankfulness back, so everyone gets emotional since we feel we cannot do enough–we want to bring them home with us.

This handsome fellow was so happy to see his “groomer” Darren again.

Vince, our calm and gentle guy loving-up on the dogs, plenty of treats were also given.

Vince and the AWL team got plastic pallets to the shelter and here it was time to clean them. Thank you all for making it happen. We love you guys!
Tomorrow; amazing people’s donations to AWL–hope you will get inspiration(s)