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My SUV is still at the repair man and since we had to order special parts from the States I don’t know when I can get it back. I have to tell you, I miss my SUV so much. Rescuing strays in the smallest FIAT is kind of funny though.

Today Olivia and I picked up three dogs in my rent car FIAT and we really looked funny with dogs everywhere, Capri, Phillipo and Scooby.

All three got safe to Dr Damiani’s clinic, and Dr Loungo took care of them and all the paper work that needs for their up coming Swedish passports. Blood test and leishaminiosis were made.

Back home, 19 lovely dogs were waiting for their treatments, and Olivia took care of sweet ABBY. What a sweaty day full of dog hair and Amore.



It looks like a prison, and that is just what it is for dogs. Olivia sat inside petting many puppies

And so did our trooper Jackie. As always she brought blankets with her to the puppies, and treats to us volunteers, great muffins.

This little sweet pie we took with us to the veterinarian clinic to be spayed, and that was good since she was not doing so well. She has the tick born disease. Keep your paws crossed for her speedy recovery!

Darren’s son was working so hard, he helped us a lot, walking dogs, cleaning the puppy kennel and carrying dog food in to the “safety” zone.

There was one Italian volunteer that walked the dogs and I loved how she told Phillipo “Look into the camera!”
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