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After two weeks on a rescue mission am I finally back in Germany. What a crazy and wonderful trip. I have so much to tell so let me try to start from the beginning.

My daughter Olivia and I started out driving in heavy snow and a rough wind via Switzerland down towards northern Italy. I wondered why I was out in this nasty weather but instead driving my big SUV filled with donations from different people around Europe. On the highway they had closed one of the two lanes because of heavy snow. My daughter asked me why we didn’t go faster! We were lucky to stay behind a snow plow as it made it a little easier to drive 40km/hour. Finally, we entered Italy safe and sound, and stopped at an animal friends house in the Bologna area. Frederica invited us to a wonderful dinner and to meet all her rescue animals. She has a lovely house that made me think of Tuscany. We stayed at a lovely Bed and Breakfast — I have to say it was like a romantic hotel. We loved it!

The next morning we loaded out from Federica’s car to the SUV with even more donations from Federica and I had no possibility to see out, well only from the front window. We were packed to the gills! It was time to head down to Campania.

It was lovely coming back, not to see all the problems but to meet my friends and all the warm people struggling to do right with the animals. With smiles and hugs, it was amazing, still there were many I wanted to meet that I didn’t get to see but maybe next time.

My schedule was tough. I had 5 dogs that were going to Sweden and all the documents needed to be done at the Town Hall veterinarian and the veterinarian AWL uses. Also I had two different shelters to go to and Giordana the homeless lady with her 9 dogs to meet and help.

Friday morning Angy and I went to the veterinarian with Layla, Dusty and Athena to have their passports done. Athena went crazy out of happiness to be outside and chewed off my seatbelts in the car. Layla was not happy to be in the car and threw up on the floor. Dusty barked and barked. At the ASL (Town Hall veterinarian clinic/buracracy) Olivia had chocolate with her and everyone loves her. I got to meet the Chief Veterinarian via an animal friend that introduced us. I love to be in Campania, it is much easier and less snobbish to work there even if the problems are many and not easy.

It was nice to met Stella again at the hospice. It was chilly no heat in the house. The volunteers had called the oil delivery and for two weeks had they said “next week, next week”
Back in our lovely hotel Agora I asked Christian to help me I told him the problem. He lifted the phone and the next morning we had gas.
In Campania you need the right people with a big heart.

We stayed at Hotel Agora as usual. Love that hotel, they are always so warm and loving and this is also an animal friendly hotel. Thank you Christian and Jennifer for helping AWL.