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Both of the surgeries has been very difficult and long. Amputation because the head of the femur was fractured and the resulting scar tissue made the procedure very complicated. Castration because none of the testicles were located in the scrotum. One of them was in the groin area and the other was inside the belly. So a total of three openings had to be performed in order to locate and remove them all.

Our little miracle puppy went through a tough surgery that took many hours. Still, the first 7 days will be extra critical due to infections (etc)

Thank you team Dr Damiani and foster mom Nicky Mormino for helping Otto.

We still are in big need of donations for his medical bill 800 euro. Please help Otto and the tema. We got PAYPAL on this site and (sponsor) bank account.

Keep the prayers going….and he is still up for adoption when he got his fully strength back.

That’s Amore!



 Our little sunshine Otto is getting stronger and stronger, and tomorrow is his big day for surgeries.
He will be castrated and one back leg will be amputated. Send your prayers for our little boy.

 Otto was hit by a car and left to die on the boiling hot street. The cars didn’t stop, quiet the opposite they were irritated that he was laying there.  His stray mother with other puppies were standing by the side road worried.  One man stopped, and Otto was brought over to AWL. We found a wonderful foster mom Nicky Mormino.

 As you can see in all the pictures, Otto is a wild and happy little boy, playing and playing with all possible friends that come his way. He is like the monkey:  Curious George.

 You cannot believe the speed he has on the three legs, even dragging his bad leg along.  His forth leg is damaged after the accident and has no ability to be used, its more in the way for him, but it doesn’t seem like he even realizes he is different.

 Sleep over party is the best thing that Otto knows…..

 …and hoarding his soft animals.

His surgery will be very difficult and demands many hours and hands. Otto and AWL asks you to kindly help us with donations for his approximately 800 euro vet bill.

We do have PAYPAL on this blog;  and on our Swedish site we have our bank account information to accept transfers in the European way.

Help us pay for giving Otto an easier life, he is so full of LOVE.

That’s Amore!



Massiomo was the one who stopped when he saw Otto trying to crawl towards his mother and siblings.He had been hit by a car, his back legs looked liked crushed frog-legs. People just drove around him, no one stopped. Massimo brought him to a veterinarian and he came to our hospice were we decided he needed a foster mom. Wonderful Nicky Mormino said she would foster him.

 I had the honor to met Otto and have him as my room-mate. 
What a guy! 
I could have kidnaped him right away. Otto is the happiest funniest little spirit that I have met in a long time. His back leg need to be amputated but he is “running” so well anyway so we are not worried. He need a stomach surgery. SO two big surgeries are waiting for him. We need a lot of money and prayers.

He is house broken!!! Can you believe that!! I carried him out 0700 in the morning and he made both his things, played and then back in the house.
He made me think so much about life and important things, He doesn’t understand his body is broken and that doesn’t stop him to live 110%
That’s Amore!

 Otto is in foster home Nicky, comfortable and getting lots of love

Dr. Damiani and Dr. Lungo discussed Otto’s situation 
His pelvis and one lower vertebrae are broken in half. Because of this, the femoral nerve of his right leg is either severed or severely stretched. If it is severed, Otto will never have use of his right hind leg and may have to have it amputated at a later date. If the nerve is stretched, it may repair itself and he may have use of his leg. In the mean time, I am going to massage it and manipulate it and keep it raised when he is sleeping or laying around (it swells easily).
His left hind leg is fractured. Both doctors would like to see how “time” will play it’s part with the healing of the fracture. At this time, there is no way to put a pin in it because he favors his left side and would not be able to lay on it if he had pins in it.
His abdominal muscles are completely torn, which has allowed all his internal organs to “spill out” (thus the huge hernia on his lower abdomen). No surgery will be considered until this little guy regains some strength and healing.
We were told he is incontinent but when Nicky  takes him outside “in time”, he pees and poops as normally as any other puppy. Nicky think he needs to be on a regular schedule of eat, pee/poop, sleep, pee/poop, eat, etc… oh yes, and play! He really is a sweet boy; amazingly feisty and active for being such a broken little puppy.
Nicky bought him a nice, padded, blow-up kiddie pool and lined it with comfy blankets. Put it in a large wire crate where he slept ALL THROUGH THE NIGHT! No accidents! (Nicky got up at 4:30am to take him out for a pee). And, just as she thought, when she got up later this morning and took him outside, he peed and pooped after holding it for 4 hours. Nicky really don’t think he is incontinent, which is a good sign for knowing he may have control over his bowels once he “learns” how to do so! Fingers crossed!!!

 In Nicky’s home

 From our lovely foster mom Nicky

Otto Update – July 15, 2013
Friday, July 12 – Otto’s first visit to the vet while still recovering from his traumatic accident several weeks ago. Both Dr. Lungo and Dr. Damiani concurred that Otto will lose his right leg due to being paralyzed. His fractured left leg seems to be healing because he is using it more and more every day to get his little body around. The massive hernia in his belly has diminished to a small area around his groin, but his testicles were not evident during his physical exam.
Of course, he will still need surgery for the hernia.
So, two major surgeries in the near future: the hernia in his lower abdomen the amputation of his right hind leg.
He received his first immunization shot (which he DID NOT LIKE!) and, after a month, will receive his booster shot. Both of these are to help ensure he will be strong enough to endure and heal from such traumatic and invasive surgeries.
After his booster shot, the surgeries will be scheduled.
Dr. Lungo gave a prognosis of how Otto will possibly suffer from extreme arthritis of is pelvis and left hip joint due to the fact that, during the accident his pelvis was completely broken and, with the amputation of is right leg, more pressure will be added to his left hip. He will develop arthritis a lot more than just normal wear and tear from walking on two hind legs. Dr. Lungo said that by the time Otto reaches 4-5 years old, he may be in extreme pain from the arthritis and may be a candidate for a wheeled cart for his hind quarters.
Otto has gained a lot of strength these past couple of weeks and is getting around amazingly, even with his paralyzed leg!
As you know, Mia, he has a wonderful, sweet personality which is becoming evident more and more every single day!!!

Please help us with his medical bills that will be up to 600 euro. You can use PAYPAL here on our blog. Or

That’s Amore!