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Morris Medication Memorial


Animals Without Limits wants to thank the organization Chans in Sweden for their generous donation. Thanks to them, we can continue our work on the streets helping the wonderful strays.

Medication, prevention and spay and neutering will be done in Morris’ name and memory (see previous entries last weekend).

We will work in the territories he lived in, helping others who may share his diseases or circumstances, document and prevent, return every week to make sure that no one suffers in pain.

Also we want to thank Linda who donates one bag of dog food every week.

Now, we can feed the hungry ones in Morris’ area as well.

All money goes to veterinarian care, that’s what AWL’s Amore policy is about

Thank you so much to everyone who make our work possible.

And by the way, Giove is recovering great from his hernia surgery that he had yesterday.

Happy and playful! Wouldn’t we like all our patients (human adults) to be like that?

Finally has his freedom


Thank you Dr. Gigi for your love and support to Morris. You still have your sensitivity, that makes you a wonderful veterinarian. Morris finally got his freedom. He had to get the injection directly into his heart, his veins had collapsed.

He was covered with these wounds. He couldn’t lay down, he was in severe pain. When we tried to lift him he wailed like a puppy. His male part was so infected that it was black.

Click on the image to get it bigger. I asked Dr. Gigi, “On a scale 1- 10 is he a number 9?”
“I would rather say a 10.”

Morris was around 8-10 years. His teeth were bad from eating rocks, he was a skeleton.

This was a bittersweet morning. Morris, I am proud over you. Rest finally in peace!
More later!