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Mission Question


I want to thank all of you who e mails me with wonderful thoughts and love. I have got several questions, so why not answer them one by one, here on my blog.

First question; Am I not out on missions anymore with AWL veterinarian, or with someone else?

Yes I have, but not as often as a couple of weeks ago. Different reasons; our veterinarian has been in Germany– but are now back–we missed her a lot.
I still do mini mission, but I do not write everything on the blog since I am working “bone hard” on my manuscript. I want some fresh stories that no one have read before.
Teasing Amore, I guess.

Here is a new picture off Giove all his test came out great. We are so happy for that, and so are his “new” mom and dad!




Skin problem

No roof

Old, old water

Skin problem.

AWL have bought medicine and together with our veterinarian we are going in to vaccinate, de worm and to prevent and cure their flies problems.

Our money is going to heal and cure, please we need more help……