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We would like to turn our back to this man who started this shelter spring 2011. For neglecting the dogs, over 40 dogs have died in this condition. Cages full of shit, incests crawling all over the place, water were they are suppose to sleep. Food maybe very six day.

But for the rest of the other 70 dogs we cannot close our eyes.

Different organizations are working full speed to find foster-homes and other shelters for these remaining dogs. But it is difficult. Mean time AWL is making a food collection and Saturday 13th we are a team that will drive to Avelino and help clean and give food to the volunteers that are desperate atfer help. We hope to have our veterinarian with us too.

Please help us help those sweet hearts that are there.

Donations can be earmarked “Shelter in Need” either on PAYPAL, Swedish donation
or Italian account

Food can be dropped off at vet on base or Lago Patria Hospice.

Thank you for not making someone between starve to death because the owner is neglecting. He will not have any money, nor any dogs.



AWL went out to the shetler and as always was greeted by a lot of happy dogs but one was curled up on his pallet and I could tell right away that something was wrong. I called the vet Mariagrazia and she went in and looked at him. His belly was swollen and breathing hard, she thought he had the flu. Rosco would be transported later to the clinic, the vet couldn’t take him in her car. I carried Rosco into my SUV so he could be warm and comfortable in a blanket. Keep your paws crossed for his fast recovery.

Our sweet guy! If only he could get a wonderful home. This big guy doesn’t have any teeth so his tounge is always falling out. He is a big Amore guy!

When we came to build frames for new pens, a donation had been made. 10 doghouses that AWL Eric, Todd, Keegan and Brandy put together (unraping by Tracey and Mia) I hope the dogs won’t chew the wood, they were gorgous “gucci” dog houses.

Other dogs were not doing so well, blood tests are being done. Hoping for fast pawfect recovery; its not nice to be sick in a shelter especially when it is cold and rainy, and a terrible storm hit Campania where trees fell and a big hailstorm went through.

Tracey, Keegan, Brandy, Todd, Eric, Jackie thank you so much for helping out on your free time, I know that we soon will be able to see and feel the progress in our hard work. “Rome wasn’t built in one day” Amore to you all.

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Mission 2 = Dog Walking


Dear Volunteers and helpers,

Animals Without Limits again needs your help for a “Dog Walking” mission August 1st.

Shelter is well established, having been founded in 1960 and has some paid employees to help clean the shelter. It is one of the best shelters as far as cleanliness, but problems remain. With approximately 500 dogs and an adoption rate at more or less zero, the dogs will live their whole lives in cages. Clean cages, but cages none the less. Many are fairly large dogs — particularly hard to adopt away, and more in need of exercise and stimulation than their smaller brothers. The people that do come to consider adopting, want well behaved and socialized dogs right away.
AWL’s goal is to assemble some dog-walking volunteers to start socializing and interacting with these dogs. Not only will this help prepare and make the dogs more adoptable, but it will be a great mental “vacation” for the dogs that will help them to be calmer and happier.

I’ll explain more when we meet on Saturday, 1 August. We will meet at my house for a short briefing so we are prepared to have a wonderful day together with loving, curious, excited dogs.

Animals Without Limits looks forward to have you with us, and to accomplishing this noble cause. The Shelter is located in Campania for more info please contact me

Remember, if you need rides, please let us know.

Shelter Mission 1 = The Start


Today the shelter mission started and we delivered food to the Shelter with 500 dogs (read earlier on the blog) Olivia is making sure the bags wont blow away.

Rosa and Keegan with two happy dogs.

Dennis a hard working Dutch carrying the bags that was donated by wonderful people.

Bruce, his love to the dogs was amazing to watch
today, and it was fun. The dogs are in all sizes, shapes and personalities.

From the left, me Keegan Olivia, Bruce, Rosa and Dennis. Todd is behind the camera

My fantastic team did a great job. We will miss Rosa and Dennis who are leaving Napoli. Thank you for everything you did for AWL and the dogs. Your love and commitment, wonderful, you have been giving us all hope.