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What a journey! What great teamwork!
A friend of mine, Minna, was flying down to Milano, Italy to pick up a car and then drive it back up to Sweden with her husband, Mats. I saw the opportunity to maybe get some animals driven back up from Southern Italy to Northern Sweden, with a small stop in my town outside Stuttgart, Germany.  Down in Napoli, we had the three legged cat Willy Wonka, that had been rescued by the veterinarian team at Dr. Carlo Damiani’s clinic. Willy Wonka was fostered by Dr. Carlo and his wonderful family. We also had Fochetta, our senior from the hospice, which was to be adopted by my lovely friend Mia in Sweden. I asked Minna if she could possibly bring some animals with her back?
Minna is also in the rescue business and didn’t hesitate one second to help us out. If only all the animal papers were ready, and if someone could drive Fochetta and WW up to Milano, then there would not be any problems.
Two wonderful American ladies volunteered to drive up to Milano with the precious cargo. They packed the car and only drove one hour, until their tire exploded! They called a tow truck and were being towed back to Napoli. These ladies didn’t go back to their homes, sobbing over a cup of coffee. No, these remarkable women rented a car, un-packed the broken vehicle, re-packed and drove up North. Delayed because of the tire mishap, they floored their gas pedal and arrived right on time. We are forever thankful and grateful for what Lori Alston Garcia and Valerie Funk did. 
You started a new chapter for Forchetta and WW in their “book of life”.
Minna and her husband continued the drive up to Mia’s (President) place outside Stuttgart, Germany. WW was being introduced to his new family, Mia’s (President) wonderful neighbors. Already, he is very much loved and happy there.
 Everybody got a late lunch/dinner, and Fochetta got to stretch her little sweet legs in Mia’s garden. After the small break, Minna and husband started the long remaining drive back to Sweden, a 23 hours drive. With them they also had another dog named MIA, (there are a lot of “Mia’s” in this story) that had been returned from her first owner after nine months, but was going to a nice home with a lady and her daughter in Sweden that Mia (President) had found. (That story will come in another blog update.)
Hours later, in the middle of Sweden, MIA the dog was dropped off to her new family, and after some remaining hours of driving, the journey for Minna, Mats and Fochetta would finally end. Fochetta had to sleep over at Minna’s place. It was midnight by the time they got there, and everyone was bone tired. The next day my friend Mia and her father drove down to pick up Fochetta from Minna. My sweet friend Mia was totally in love with Fochetta, just as she had imagined it during her meditations. Fochetta already loves Mia and gave her so many kisses and snores loudly during the nights.
This couldn’t have been done without you all. And especially a big thank you to Lori and Valerie, that was amazing what you did. Minna and Mats, for sponsoring the whole drive from Milano to Sweden. And being the contacts to MIA dog’s home and Mia with Fochetta.
The Mercer family sponsored from Naples to Milano.
And to all hospice volunteers, thank you so much for taking such great care of Fochetta. Loving and nurturing her back to life, I know you all loved her dearly. To AWL’s board who got her picture and story about Fochetta several months ago, and decided to take her away from the horrible place: A Governmental shelter with nearly a thousand of dogs locked in cages and nowhere to go, ever.
A big THANK YOU to the brave Italian volunteer who got her out from that hell-hole.
And lastly, to Mia, my friend who dared to adopt a senior dog.
Now, That’s Amore.


A couple of months ago I received an e-mail from an American family who asked us for help. Their dog, GUS whom they had had for nearly 12 years had changed his temperament after a fire in their former home. (To refresh your memory please read earlier posting.)  
According to them, he had snapped at their young child and even the dad. 
I knew something was wrong in that statement, I felt it in my gut, and I couldn’t acccept that he was in a kennel and the family was leaving Italy without him. I knew this was only a form of stress after the fire.
From Germany, I tried to find someone who could foster GUS until Minna and I would come down. It was about four weeks I needed help and I needed help to evaluate GUS since I knew he was not a dangerous dog. Help was important since we could work faster to find a solution for GUS. 
But everywhere we turned for help, either people had their own house full of dogs and cats, or they were afraid that he would be “harmed” to be in a home and then move again (never heard about something that ridicules, some would rather have Gus depressed loosing weight than giving him 24/7 watch and health!) Some were afraid what veterinarian bills would be high, he was old after all. 
No one expressed any desire to go to him every day just for a little while, to play soccer or give him some treats. When Minna and I finally arrived down to Italy we rushed to the kennel, and we were not happy what we saw. 
Gus was depressed, and didn’t want to open up to us emotionally. Why should he?
 We were strangers! Every one in the kennel said they gave him food but he lost weight, about 10 kg in one month. They claimed they had taken him to the veterinarian, they had de-wormed him but nothing helped. I wondered if anyone had considered that he was depressed and not wanting to eat since his family after 12 years had taken a huge step away from him. 
The family had said they would give his bed, bowls and other things, but the Kennel owner said there was nothing, only a grey plastic bag with his journals inside. And the journal was big, they had kept him very up to date on all shots and examinations. It didn’t make any sense!
Gus was dirty and greasy, he looked like a baddly treated stray I had the kennel wash him for a couple of boxes cigarettes.
 I promised GUS to come again the next day, and I also told him that we would get him out of that place. Minna and I agreed we would take him to Germany or Sweden. 
We would flip the coin, Germany or Sweden!

 Mia, the little cute wild puppy that was fostered by Martina had been into a small play accident. Mia is a tough 4-month old cookie and loves to wrestle with the big dogs. This day she got her ear bitten. A few stitches and then it was that horrible cone on her head that she didn’t like, of course (who would?)
 I took it off right away since we would be with her 24/7 and could keep an eye on her. We released  Martina and Pio from this little cute monster, they sure needed a break.

Mia was excellent at the hotel AGORA (who are supporters to AWL.) Mia had to follow us everywhere we went, a very good practice. And Minna was a great puppy-sitter Thank you dear!

It was great to come back to the hospice, Casa dell’Amore, to meet all the old clients and the new ones. Ombra, the English Setter was afraid for the steps and the great volunteers carried him down and up every time he needed to go out. I had the evening shift  and could not for my life carry this guy. I knew he had not been neutered and we had one female in heat at the Hospice. I let her out first, and then Ombra. He flew down the stairs like a bird, then up and down, up and down like a Don Juan.

It was good to be back to Casa dell’Amore!



AWL FRIEND AWARD 2012 There are so many wonderful animal workers out there working hard and we wished we could give one AWL Award each to everyone.

–Still there are persons that will be nominated, 2012 is not over–

AWL Animal Friend Award 2012
Is presented to Minna Lind.

In sincere gratitude for her international efforts, finding fantastic forever homes for homeless and rescued dogs and cats.

Our comments:

Minna, we are so happy to have you as an associate, and more importantly a friend. Your dedication and determined efforts to help the homeless and at-risk dogs and cats, and the personal sacrifice and expense you undertake to
follow your heart is truly inspiring.
You are a humble person who seeks to do
what you do in the shadows, leaving the spotlight to others, yet we cannot help but recognize you, both because you deserve it, and because it can serve
as an example to others of what one person can do to make a difference.
That’s Amore ! —
The price is sponsored by the Mercer Family