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 Remember in earlier blog we wrote about Miele. Our miracle dog that has inspired many people not to give up.

 GUESS WHAT??? I got a family  Yes its true!

I am forever thankful to all of youl. You invested time, love and donations in me. You believed in me and life. YOU didn’t turn away from me when I needed you the most. I am humble.
My foster family, took me in without a hesitation, even if they have plenty of dogs already, and working full time. They coached me, they believed in me. They knew.
Dr Vittorio, he never stopped believing in my healing process, he took in specialists, and what is most loving….he gave good
And now, I get to go to my own forever home. AWL know them since before and Mia have slept there many times, so she know that the food is great and bed comfortable and loving people and animals.
My foster family Pio and Martina know them very well too and want to drive me up. We which are working with rescuing know that we always are lacking money. AWL would like to sponsor my trip with 200 euro. (gas and road tolls) I’m going up North in Italy–pictures will be posted 
Please  and I love you all//Miele (Paypal or IWBank)



 The days between veterinarian visits, Pio and Martina changes the bandage –air out a little too– 

They went to Dr Vittorio and then to Villa Felice (ER 24/7 animal clinic) to have x rayed made (Dr Vittorios friend/colleague)

Good news, Miele gained 100 g (16,1 kg) and Erlichia was negative.
Not so good news, but we expected it; her broken leg(s) has not healed Looks like they are still completely broken. The decision to put back bandage was made to support her “leg” when she walks.
She will need surgery.
Amputation and sterilization at the same time, and then surgery to fix her broken legs.
Total today medicine (buying bandages every time) and x ray 47.80 euro