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I have together with talented Linda, worked on a new homepage where I can put my own, and my organisation AWL together.

Time is one of the things we are hunting after desperately, so I thought adding them together would make it  all in one place. Easy to find! 

Let me know what you think!

Mia Mattsson Mercer

It is Never to Late


 In 2008 i got a phone call to help a shelter that was totally falling apart, dogs being abused, they were standing up to their stomachs in poo and pee. They drank moulded water, lack of food.

It was horrible. It is images I still carry around in my heart and mind. Its nothing you wipe off and go to bed. However, I learned that life is not black and white. Sometimes you cannot rescue everyone. Sometimes we learn more about ourselves and other people. You meet people that teach you what you don’t want to become. You met new people that you start new goals with.
We went to the shelter and the owner got a slap on her wrist by the judge for treating the animals badly. The woman changed her name and started a new shelter somewhere else together with other people in the front.
We Awl went in and cleaned and delivered food and veterinarian care. 2009 AWL took 10 dogs and another shelter Leda Ass, took 20 dogs. The other 20-30 dogs went to a townhall shelter.
Otello in the picture went with Leda Ass. and 2010 our paths changed directions until 2016 when I visited Leda in their new nice shelter. To my very big surprise Otello now 14 years old is still in the cage. NO ONE wanted to adopt him.
My heart just broke. 
This weekend we posted him on here, and to my and Leda Ass delight, we got a home for him. 
Tomorrow you can read my column about him and his journey, his advice to us humans. 
The woman that are adopting him, loves Seniors, and knows what it takes and means. No hearts are to old to love. Its like being old and beautiful as human and not dare to find a partner again, because “he might just die soon”
If you don’t live the fullest, you will miss the beauty. 
Thats Amore!
Otello is now getting ready with his shots and health tests for upcoming pet passport. WE think and hope he will be ready to travel VIP –no flying–in 30 days.

 CEO Mia Mattsson-Mercer feeding the starving animals.

  Its never to late to love an old heart. Just because we get old doesn’t mean we suddenly stop to live and love. Would we say that to elderly people, “sorry you are to old to love now, “he” will probably die in one year”

No! Live the fullest, and its when you stop loving you become old.
Thats Amore! First time I met Rossella from her Ass. Leda!

What Kind of Language do the Animals Communicate in?


My column from Tidningen Nära

What Kind of Language do the Animals Communicate in?
Can a foreign dog from Italy understand the Swedish language when adopted in that country?
The brilliance of animals is that they can communicate in any language.
Animals talk in images and emotions. Its as if we would see a silent film that changes shades like a mood ring. They have clarity in what they are sending and do not send out different or contradictory signals as we humans can do. We can say one thing but mean something completely different.
Children and animals have the cleanest and clearest communication.
What is scientifically proven is, when animals communicate (or small children) they transmit images. These inner images are 0.4 seconds faster than our spoken words. We can think of something and often the animal perceives (or receives) it.
Body language is of course also a major factor in the whole process of communication, just as with humans. However, the animals must be required to learn not their own language but also the human language.
Giovanni was a small terrier abandoned in a shelter. I sat down beside him and felt a tremendous sadness flowing from the little dog. He had lost someone he loved!
The owner of the shelter nodded, and told me that the dog’s owner had died, but the remaining members from the family didn’t want him. I laid down next to him and was only in the moment.
I was later told where his master was buried, and I took the dog with me to the cemetery. Directly, Giovanni jumped out and began to sniff, and then moved up to the newly made grave.
Later Giovanni jumped into the car and his energy field had changed. Several days later, we could see a huge difference in his behavior. He ate, and he eyes sparkled again.
At the cemetery, I could “think” the emotions in peace and quiet while Giovanni picked up “pictures”. There was no one around that could interfere with us, with his or her negative feelings, or send pictures that they felt sorry for Giovanni. Pity turns into negative emotions and allows children and animals to translate them into a message of  “useless”. They feel like “no one likes me”.
A few days later Giovanni was adopted. His new energies attracted the new family, an elderly couple, like his former master.
Animal Language has no words; energies can speak all languages. If we are clean and clear in our thoughts and flow we then become understandable. Swedish as well as  Italian.
That’s Amore!
Mia Mattsson-Mercer




AWL Sweden will open up their first Hospice, for horses, on November 1th.
This is a dream that has been with us for a long time.
A volunteer with AWL–Maya Landvik, is going to be the supervisor and caretaker of the Hospice. Her knowledge and experience goes many years back to when Mia Mattsson-Mercer first met her 20 years ago. Even then she was working with her rescue horse that had been abused with a hammer, crushing his back. Maya has been working with animals for her whole life and specializes in horses. She is training people to listen more to the animals (horses).
Veterinarian Lucia from her clinic has many skills as a chiropractor and with acupuncture for the animals. She has an enormously wonderful heart and is also opening up a cat home for unwanted cats.(cat-home has nothing to do with AWL)
AWL Horse Hospice will have a separate account from everything else we are doing.
Our first very client is Tequila; born (2006) as a star in Brazil with a big hope for becoming a wining racehorse. He traveled with his team to many places, Dubai, Sweden and many more. He had an accident as a five year old and was put in a box, but never recovered. His spirit was fine but his body was now useless as a Racehorse. Tequila was going to be put down to sleep. A person stepped in to rescue, but a veterinarian demanded that Tequila should be put down since she claimed he also had osteoarthritis in his front legs.
The time was being scheduled but when the owner/rescue lady came home with Tequila and saw him run out in the pasture, full of life, she listens to her gut and canceled the appointment for euthanization. Only later did she find out that this veterinarian is well known for putting down many horses that have a potential to come back in life.

Another very skilled veterinarian was examining T and told that he was not suffering and it was not life threatening with his leg. He could live a “normal” good life.

The rescue lady cannot keep him due to personal matters and heard about Maya’s ability to rehabilitate horses—to become healthy and have some good last years without competition or pressure.
The horse tells us what he wants to do, and we are his servants. Maya met him and saw his enormous aura of life.
Mia Mattsson Mercer have been working with horses since 1997, when younger she had two horses of her own. It was when she had to put one of her horse to sleep she started to question, “when is the right time?”
She has been working with famous horses in Germany 1999-2002 and Swedish Royal horses, and got the honor to have a private meeting with the Royal family’s fantastic Arabian horses in Bahrain.



Mia Mattsson-Mercer column from Swedish Magazine NARA, translated into English. FOR SWEDISH CLICK HERE

Last week I received a very nice compliment. A woman visited our hospice to see more of how we work with the sick and old dogs.

Our volunteers welcomed her and showed her around. The woman leaned forward and patted one of our seniors who wagged his tail happily, pleased with the attention.

The woman said: “Many people would kill most of the sick dogs, and even I myself would do it. I am shocked and overwhelmed when I see all these sick and dying dogs walking around like living skeletons. “
The woman looked embarrassed at the senior dogs round stomach and she blushed over her suddenly “honest” statement: “But Mia, she can see their soul and what it can become of them, I admire that. “
It got me thinking, why do not all see the same as me?
We can all see and feel everything that’s alive!
Is it our fear of feeling pain that blocks our vision?
Is it that we are afraid of death and afraid to see the suffering in other living beings?
Street Dogs live a hard life but have humility preserved within. Many dogs are cooped up in cages for several – or many — years but still have a devotion to life and an affection for mankind. It amazes and can confound many.
I call them my “Mini-Mandela”. Imagine Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and came out with great humility and passion that had the power to change many people’s thinking, and indeed history.
Often I call street dogs “mini-Buddhists”, because they know how to love unconditionally and humbly.
Perhaps it is because we are afraid of their greatness that we do not accept their greatness, for it would mean that we must take a stand. Consider changing the condemnation of others.
I love my job even though it is often hard work, with tears and despair. But it’s wonderful to see new volunteers be surprised when they see a dog that has previously been severely injured, come wagging his tail, now fully healthy.
Seeing volunteers get the “ Ah ha!” experience that animals can be rescued no matter how horrible their situation may seem to be. In both good and bad, many of us are protected from seeing evil, but it is out there and also within ourselves.
But evil can make us grow and develop, or we may stand still out off fear. One of my teachers from my early youth said, “thank your enemies every day, it is they that will make you grow.”
But children and animals never ask you for anything back. They accept the help graciously because they know already the knowledge since they are in harmony with the energies from the Universe.
Animals and children allow me to grow in terms of knowledge when they show the “problems” at once. I grow only if I listen, of course – if I have the time to listen.
A mom came to me with her dog. I realized immediately that the dog and its owner did not listen to each other. The dog ‘s mind was in a different world. The owners energies were at high voltage, “You must say to Robin that if he does not start listening to me, I must get rid of him.” A weariness and despair welled up in the lady. I realized I had to work with the owner, not the dog.
Sometimes we do not hear in ourselves what we think and it creates confusion in the energies that also affect our environment, even our four-legged friend. No one else is responsible for our fears or thoughts, but if we dare to look at our fears and hear our thoughts, it will open the same humility and unconditional love held by the street dogs.
Balance, and the colors of all our senses will open up and the sixth sense can work undisturbed. Frequency signals will be stronger for the recipients and the changes can begin. Courage and clarity can walk further along Mother Earth’s streets. Just like the street dogs’ harmony with intuition, instinct and intelligence.
That’s Amore