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Our President writes weekly for Swedish Magazine NARA. WE translated her text into English.


Living with former stray dogs is a wonderful learning experience. For several years I have followed individual street dogs or families groups among the strays.  The sense of freedom I feel with them is a kind of independence, as in constant meditation!
For me, stray dogs are my mini- Buddhists. They teach me a lot about being in touch with the present.  I am their student, invited to take part in the school of life.  Street dogs have no expectations!  And so, they have no disappointments.  Expectations are something I wrestle with in many different situations. Stay dogs are unconditional love.  I often try to love unconditionally.  In my “pack” of former strays, when we rest together during the day everything feels like fulfillment.  
Street dogs’ intuition is outstanding. They listen to their inner compass; their intuition is as a survival tool for them.  I practice with my own inner compass, to rely more on my intuition.  If they receive food, they are happy, content and satisfied.  They don’t seek to have more than they need.
Yet I still practice my desires, with dreams that I can strive for and share with fellow human beings.
When (stray) dogs are adopted, within two weeks they stop to use their internal compass.  In most cases they will be “reprogrammed ” by their new owners, just as what happens with most children.  Children also drop their intuition, as they get older.  As adults and parents, we think for the children.  It is hard not to, they need our direction, guidance and experience to learn and grow.  Or so we tell ourselves.  The same things we do for most of the dogs.  We teach them the human language, which eventually replaces their inner knowledge, their intuition.  When we dare to rely as much on intuition as children and stray dogs do, we find our own divinity within our purpose and ourselves.  We can learn and teach out our knowledge and have more compassion. To find a balance with the inner knowledge and to dare share the wisdom together with our community. Close your eyes!  Do not look at who’s coming with a wisdom message for you, but listen and the book of knowledge opens up in your mind.
We do not know who our teachers are! Let your expectations vanish and open your heart to your inner compass.  I thank my mini- Buddhists for this life’s wisdom.  They have a free mind without an ego, such that I aspire to myself.
I’m trying to remember what my soul already knows.
That’s Amore !

Mia Mattsson-Mercer



Mia Mattsson-Mercer column from Swedish Magazine NARA, translated into English. FOR SWEDISH CLICK HERE

Last week I received a very nice compliment. A woman visited our hospice to see more of how we work with the sick and old dogs.

Our volunteers welcomed her and showed her around. The woman leaned forward and patted one of our seniors who wagged his tail happily, pleased with the attention.

The woman said: “Many people would kill most of the sick dogs, and even I myself would do it. I am shocked and overwhelmed when I see all these sick and dying dogs walking around like living skeletons. “
The woman looked embarrassed at the senior dogs round stomach and she blushed over her suddenly “honest” statement: “But Mia, she can see their soul and what it can become of them, I admire that. “
It got me thinking, why do not all see the same as me?
We can all see and feel everything that’s alive!
Is it our fear of feeling pain that blocks our vision?
Is it that we are afraid of death and afraid to see the suffering in other living beings?
Street Dogs live a hard life but have humility preserved within. Many dogs are cooped up in cages for several – or many — years but still have a devotion to life and an affection for mankind. It amazes and can confound many.
I call them my “Mini-Mandela”. Imagine Nelson Mandela spent 27 years in prison and came out with great humility and passion that had the power to change many people’s thinking, and indeed history.
Often I call street dogs “mini-Buddhists”, because they know how to love unconditionally and humbly.
Perhaps it is because we are afraid of their greatness that we do not accept their greatness, for it would mean that we must take a stand. Consider changing the condemnation of others.
I love my job even though it is often hard work, with tears and despair. But it’s wonderful to see new volunteers be surprised when they see a dog that has previously been severely injured, come wagging his tail, now fully healthy.
Seeing volunteers get the “ Ah ha!” experience that animals can be rescued no matter how horrible their situation may seem to be. In both good and bad, many of us are protected from seeing evil, but it is out there and also within ourselves.
But evil can make us grow and develop, or we may stand still out off fear. One of my teachers from my early youth said, “thank your enemies every day, it is they that will make you grow.”
But children and animals never ask you for anything back. They accept the help graciously because they know already the knowledge since they are in harmony with the energies from the Universe.
Animals and children allow me to grow in terms of knowledge when they show the “problems” at once. I grow only if I listen, of course – if I have the time to listen.
A mom came to me with her dog. I realized immediately that the dog and its owner did not listen to each other. The dog ‘s mind was in a different world. The owners energies were at high voltage, “You must say to Robin that if he does not start listening to me, I must get rid of him.” A weariness and despair welled up in the lady. I realized I had to work with the owner, not the dog.
Sometimes we do not hear in ourselves what we think and it creates confusion in the energies that also affect our environment, even our four-legged friend. No one else is responsible for our fears or thoughts, but if we dare to look at our fears and hear our thoughts, it will open the same humility and unconditional love held by the street dogs.
Balance, and the colors of all our senses will open up and the sixth sense can work undisturbed. Frequency signals will be stronger for the recipients and the changes can begin. Courage and clarity can walk further along Mother Earth’s streets. Just like the street dogs’ harmony with intuition, instinct and intelligence.
That’s Amore



My weekly column, translated from Magazine NARA Sweden. Hope you enjoy ♥

Proper nutrition, medicine, and love means everything for good healing

Mia Mattsson-Mercer knows what it takes to heal and regain strength. After she suffered in the same way that their dogs

 down at the clinic did, it became even clearer.

In my work we save sick dogs found on the street or in various types of shelters. I have to be quick to rule out problems to get to the actual situation when it comes to assessing dogs’ symptoms. I use my intuition and knowledge to read the animal energies.

One of the most common conditions we treat dogs for in our hospice is Lyme disease. First, we test our new dog clients to see if they have Lyme disease. The test, called “snap” test is quick and is done using a few drops of blood on a small tray-formed tool.

Lyme disease is one of the most common diseases that dogs down in southern Italy are carrying. Symptoms include joint pain, pain and tenderness in various parts of the body as well as skin irritation. In addition, the disease can cause the dogs to be timid against bright light. They also eat less, or not at all. In most cases, my gut feeling is right and we can quickly address the Borrelia/Lyme disease with antibiotics.

A canine’s response is outstanding. They have one goal and that is to become healthy. Dogs do not want to be a burden or a threat to their pack, whether the herd is made of two-legged or four-legged individuals.

The dog comes to our hospice for treatment with the right kind of medication. Furthermore, they are helped by the healthy food and opportunities to be together with volunteers who love them dearly.

Proper medication, healthy food and love for fast healing. This is a combination that our own health care should try to take into greater account.

I cannot help but smile at my own situation right now. At the moment I am sitting in a beautiful treatment room and receive intravenous antibiotics three hours each day for five days. I have been sick for over a year with a diagnosis of Lyme disease. I have the same symptoms as my own four-legged clients down in Italy. I have pain in the joints, extreme sensitivity to light, I’m irritable, have headaches and skin irritation.

My husband joked with me and said that I probably should move down to my own hospice for faster results and more understanding!

No doctors that I have met have wanted to take Borrelia seriously even though the disease is one of the most common in our society today. Many doctors blame the symptoms on “burnout”, rheumatism, “stress”, or that “it’s all in your head.”

Health care for people has become worse. Analgesics and happy pills prescribed to younger people. They mask the problem whilst “treating” the symptoms. Even the dogs have started to receive happy pills instead of true treatment for the underlying problem.

The doctors I have met have wanted to prescribe painkillers for me. A doctor told me that my body was depressed! The next doctor said that my problem was in my head! I refused to take the pills despite terrible pain. I am extremely afraid of becoming dependent on the pills and accepting the pain and stopping searching for the right doctor and the right cure.

I smile at how fast I and the veterinary team are to take Lyme disease blood tests on dogs. With successful treatments we quickly get them healthy, often within two weeks. But people can go on for years before any doctor does a Lyme test.

We dog owners can even vaccinate our pets against Lyme disease at the American base. When I lived in the U.S. we had our dogs vaccinated against the U.S. Borrelia each year. Yet, not people!

Is it that we humans confuse our doctors with our descriptions of all the different symptoms and that is why we are sent to several different specialists? Or is it the economy? The animals do not communicate verbally, but the vet often goes on their sense combined with knowledge. Could it be a small part of the development?

After a year, I have now found a clinic that cures Lyme disease and that takes me and other people from all over the world seriously. Moreover, they have the same concept that we have at our hospice. Right medication, healthy diet and love from the staff. They say, “you know your body best, listen to your symptoms and do not give up.”

That’s Amore!

Mia Mattsson-Mercer



My weekly column in the Magazine NARA is a true story about the dog MAX, left by his family when leaving for America. How he tried to survive on the street not being street smart…but he was smart in another way.

He walked into the American Base and in to the vet clinic, where his medical record was.

I got a phonecall, and this story is about Susy who fostered him, her husband fell in love with him and they adopted him. AWL sponsored neutering and vaccination.

Read the whole story CLICK HERE



This is the weekly column in the magazine NARA. “To say goodbye to your friend”

Tjojs was with me when I started AWL in 2000. She was my inspiration and mentor.

(You can tranlsate the page on google)

Wonderful Kate sent me this beautiful poem;

If it should be

If it should be that I grow frail and
and pain should keep me from my sleep.
Then you must do what must be
for this the last battle can´t be won.
For this day more than the
Your love and friensdship stand the test.

We´re had so
many happy years.
You will be sad – I understand.
Don´t let your grief
then stay your hand.
What is to come can hold no fears.
You´d not want me
to suffer so,
when the time comes, please let me go.
Take me where my
needs they´ll tend.
Only stay with me to the end.
And hold me firm and
speak to me,
until my eyes no longer see.

I know in time you
will see,
It is a kindness you do to me.
Although my tail it´s last has
from pain and suffering I´ve been saved.
Don´t grieve that it
should be you,
who has to decide this thing to do.
We´re been so close –
we two these years.
– don´t let your heart hold any tears