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 These pictures were taken by me when I visited a shelter run by the Government back in January 2016 me thinks. Anyway, I saw him right away and fell in love. Finally, I can tell you that I am flying over and bringing him with me back to Germany.

 He is a handsome Senior that should not sit in a place like this. No one should, and I am doing my best to find a solution. It takes time, it shouldn’t but it does. Drives my heart into sadness since time is going so fast and the dogs are having shorter life than we got.

 These is the place. Its smelly and horrible. I have been told that they are making some small changes. Cannot wait to see that in June.

 They are euthanising some of the dogs, but only when they need a new cage, then the oldest or the sickest goes.

Help me make changes for the other dogs there. That’s Amore!


“I would like to personally congratulate you as your blog Animals Without Limits has been selected by our panelist as one of the Top 100 Animal Blogs on the web.”
Oh dear, now I have to update much better. This is amazing news. Thank you readers


Update on Leah after her surgery . The veterinarian team made the op and  got the fast growing tumour on her inner back legs away. (earlier post)

Amazing warrior Queen greeted me at the veterinarian door only a couple of hours after waking up. Think if we humans had the same capacity !

I want to show you how she looked like when I found her and after some time together with us. What an amazing difference. She has so much energy for being an senior, I hope I get the same kind of amount when I become a Senior 😉

Leah, I am super proud over you.


                 Animals do not Fear Death
 (You can read my column in Swedish here, Tidningen Nara 
Death may scare most of us humans, but it does not scare the animals. For the Other Side and Life are the same for them. 
Life will never end!
I have never experienced the Other Side for us humans. But I took part of the “Animals” Other side ones. The strong experience happened to me in the early 1990s and since then it has always comforted me when I work with sick animals.
In my first book, “Listen When Animals Speak” (Forum 2000) I wrote about my experience. At that time, I went to a masseuse who also worked with Body Harmony. That made me curious. “You can experience the past life,” said the female masseur to me. I did as she said, but without much expectations. I breathed deeply and directly everything felt very pleasant. I just was!
Suddenly, a black and white muscular stallion cantered behind my closed eyelids in full figure. He was handsome and proud and had enormous charisma that gave me security and confidence. The stallion had control over all the other horses cantering around and finally they gathered behind him. They were all in a valley where the grass was green and juicy, and I saw everything so clearly, even dewdrops on each blade of the grass!
 I had never seen such a fantastic green grass before. The colors were magnificent and there was a great calm. The horses cantered past me and finally came Sigge, my horse that I had been euthanized a couple of months earlier. I could feel his presence so strong!
When I opened my eyes, I was totally confused and almost in a small state of shock. It had been like for every thought I thought, it became as if my eyes were zooming in like a camera lens. Everything was so peaceful and beautiful, that I wanted to go back there again. I longed!
I realized that life is not merely a loss, death and grief. There is a reason for everything, even death. A new door opens for those who leave the Earth, but also for those who remains.
A Labrador communicated to me just before she left her Earthly life: “We give you our whole heart and love, regardless of who you are. We give unconditionally love to our owners, as to all others we meet during our time on Earth. 
In the life time without any end! “
That’s Amore
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Trasiga själar hjälper varandra — Broken Souls has Strong Healing Ability


Broken Souls has Strong Healing Ability to other Broken Souls
One family wanted to adopt a dog from my organization. The family was immediately very open about what their family situation looked like.
I was extremely grateful for their openness, it meant that I could quickly find a dog that matched their energies. A few months earlier, their daughter had tried to commit suicide. Now the family felt that a dog could help their daughter to “heal”, of course, along with their doctors and therapists. But, they reasoned, to have a four-legged friend who slept with her, agreed on walks, someone to confide in, and was there full of love, would be beneficial for her. Also, the demand for routines upon their daughter if she was responsible for a dog would additionally help to ground her and help her to heal.
Of course the whole family wanted a new family member, the time was right for all. There were many cute big dogs with a high-energy factor, but I had an overweight little brown female dog who had spent two years in a cage down in south Italy.
A dog with high energy to a home that are working so hard to heal, would not be good — its high energies could activate and add more stress for the the family and situation. The family needed a cool dog who knew what she wanted, loved life (and food) and to only wanted belong to a family.
When Iris arrived to the family, she chose right away the daughter’s bedroom to become her bedroom as well.  Is it that a “broken” soul recognizes another’s “broken” soul?
The dog Iris also had a claim to the daughter, “I’m there for you, but you also need to stay alive and be there for me.”
When the daughter woke up in the middle of the night to go to the bathroom, Iris sat up in her basket and waited calmly until she came back.
Every day I received updates from the family about how much they all loved Iris.
“Mia, we never dreamed that our daughter would feel as good as she does after only four months after our beloved dog’s arrival. “Iris therapy” really worked 100%. Best dog Ever!”
This business of “Rescue Dogs” really has a double meaning and paradox: is it we who save them, or is it they who will save us? Who really saves whom?
They ended their email: “We just got the dog we wanted, quiet, contact seeking, loving and ‘personal and wacky’ in a wonderful way. Greetings, family Iris “
When we see each other’s inside strength and beauty, discounting the outside of temporary weakness, then we can help and be helped. This is what is called unconditional perfection in the circle of life. About everyone’s right to live, love and seek happiness!
That’s Amore!

I had the families permission to write their story.

Trasiga själar hjälper varandra till läkning

En familj ville gärna adoptera en hund av mig. Familjen var med en gång väldigt öppna med hur deras familjeförhållande såg ut. Jag var oerhört tacksam över deras öppenhet, det gör att jag snabbare kunde finna en hund som matchade deras energier. 
Ett par månader tidigare hade deras dotter försökt begå självmord. Nu kände familjen att en hund skulle kunna hjälpa deras dotter till att ”läkas”, naturligtvis tillsammans med andra läkare och samtalsterapeuter.

Att ha en vän som sov tillsammans med henne, gick med på skogspromenader, någon att kunna anförtro sig till och som fanns där full av kärlek. Dessutom ställdes det krav på dottern, att hon också skulle finnas där med rutiner som infaller när man skaffar en hund.

Naturligtvis var hela familjen med på att ha en ny familjemedlem, tiden var mogen för alla. Där fanns många gulliga stora hundar med hög energifaktor, men jag hade en överviktig liten brun hundflicka som suttit två år i en bur nere i Italien.

En hund med hög energi till ett hem som arbetar med att läkas, ska inte ha höga energier som kan aktivera och tillföra mera stress. Familjen behövde en cool tik som visste vad hon ville, älskade livet (och mat) och att få tillhöra en familj.

När Iris anlände till familjen valde hon med en gång dotterns sovrum till sitt sovrum. Är det så att en ”trasig” själ känner igen en annans ”trasig” själ?

Men hunden Iris hade också ett krav till dottern: Jag finns där för dig, men du måste också stanna kvar i livet och finnas där för mig.

När dottern vaknade mitt i natten för att gå upp till badrummet satte sig Iris upp i sin korg och väntade lugnt tills hon kom tillbaka.  Varje dag fick jag uppdateringar med hur mycket de alla älskade Iris.

”Mia, vi kunde aldrig drömma om att vår dotter skulle må så bra som hon nu gör redan efter fyra månader efter vår älskade hunds ankomst. ”Iris-terapin” funkade verkligen till 100 %. Bästa hunden!
Det här med ”Rescuedogs”, får verkligen en dubbel innebörd: Är det vi som räddar dem, eller är det de som räddar oss? Vem räddar vem egentligen?Vi fick precis den hunden vi ville ha, lugn, kontaktsökande, kärleksfull samt ´personlig och knäpp´ på ett underbart sätt. Hälsningar Familjen Iris”

När vi ser varandras innersta styrka utanpå den temporära svagheten, kan vi hjälpa dem och de hjälper oss. Detta är vad som kallas villkorslös fullkomlighet, i livets cirkel. För allas rätt att leva!

That’s Amore!
Mia Mattsson-Mercer

Mia har fått godkännande av familjen att publicera deras historia.