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I think it was last summer I met Leo for the first time in Monterochello. He was a free stray, 15 years old and the people in the neighborhood all knew him. A lady fed him, an animal friend kept an eye on him, this was his life. He was known as being grumpy. If you tried to pet him he limped away, irritated. But he was loved.

Maria contacted Martina and me if we could help Leo, he started to become lame and he had fungus and other things, like erlichia. I met him and saw something behind that “evil eye.” To put Frontline on him you had to come up behind him very quickly and put it on before he realized what was happening. He was quick around the parked cars and disappeared. I didn’t know what to say. This was his life!

He got to Dr. Lungo for an examination. In they carried him in a cage wearing a muzzle. Leo was angry!

Medicine was provided and back with him but Maria had difficulty to give it to him.

Finally we got our Hospice and Leo was the first one I wanted. They carried him in the same cage and he had the same look. He limped out from the cage and went as fare as possible away from us laying in a corner of the garden with his back towards us. We could not touch him.

All right, I told him he could hear me and when he felt comfortable he could come and talk to me. After three days, I could wipe of his face, I could massage his side of his head–he love that– and after one week I could give him a bath. Leo was my love! He was the biggest soul I had met in a long time, gentle and sweet, very quiet.

A week later I gave him his first bath. He didn’t touch me! He was a true gentleman. Everyone loved Leo. He looked like Obiwan in Star wars with his black ears going out to the sides when he was happy to see us. He never wagged his tail that was his balance when he walked. It stood right out.

He hadn’t played for years. Suddenly he stole the toys and came trotting like an 80 year old Fred Astaire. He hadn’t been inside a house, and it took over a month till he walked inside but still wanted to sleep outside.

I never pushed Leo. I gave him good food and painkillers as needed, but a lot of love. He saw that in our eyes when we spoke to Leo.

The last month he slept inside because it was cold and rainy a lot. And Lena had sent him a special wonderful winter coat that he loved. He felt beautiful–since we kept telling him that–and he was toasty warm.

He was my friend. When drama happened during the day, Leo and I sat outside and we talked. I felt he many times said “Is this person worthy of your friendship?”

His back legs started to become weaker and one day his back leg seemed paralyzed. He couldn’t walk! It broke my heart to see him and Leo who had been a strong man and survived many obstacles didn’t want to become lame. You could see how he disliked being pampered like a baby. No, Leo was a Ranger and it was with big resistant I let him go…

I love you so much Leo. There are some you meet for a short period in life but it feels like forever. Thank you for teaching me about having a “backbone” myself. You are the only dog where I still feel that you are with me, on my mission, in the hospice, in my home. I am so thankful Leo that you are not leaving my side. That’s Amore, my friend!



It is like magic when the post man delivers big packages into your hospice, and you know it is gifts. Like children we open up and smile and being filled with a warm feeling–kindness!

Ulla Lindner sent a big package with this fantastic dog “cover” “Back on Track” that warms up muscles and keep their joints more moveable. Back problems improve. And it was the best present to Boss who has hip and back problems.

She sent so many goodies to the dogs: pig ears, bags of treats, and rawhide sticks. Christmas ornaments for the hospice that we enjoyed for our Lucia party.

And, all the goodies for me that I hid for my family.

Maria Hahne —Bonitas mom— had sent great dog clothing for our smaller and medium dogs.

Both put in donations on AWL’s account to buy food for the shelter dogs–That’s Amore

Another wonderful Swedish woman Lena Lillier –Freckles’s mom– sent a great care package for the hospice kids (oldies)–and me!
Lady was thrilled over hers. I was amazed at the comfort and beautiful design that covered their front and under their bellies.

Leo wears his day and night, he just loves it. Warm and cozy. His movements have improved greatly, he is stepping around better than ever.

Dicky’s got a little bit big, but better that than skin and bones. He loves his jacket and when I take it off he is so warm and lovely. He is in a big thrill, and it is helping his arthritis be better.
Lena, Maria and Ulla in Sweden, thank you so much for your wonderful gifts to the Hospice. That’s warm Amore.



This is my dear animal friend Martina, who is a wonderful effort to AWL. She asked me if we could help her animal friend Maria with a stray Leo that is getting old and having difficulty getting up after been laying down. Of course AWL wanted, so with my family in the car we drove to a neighborhood with a lot of buildings. With Martina and Pio linking up with Maria.

Leo has been living in the same neighborhood for 12 years, every one knows him and many loves him. They are feeding him and feels secure to have him around, but now he is getting tired and having difficulty getting up. Still though no other strays are challenging him.
I knew right away that if we would move him into a clinic he would die, his heart would grieve that is how much he loved his well known area and people. I couldn’t do that to him.It would be like moving grandma from her beloved home into a hospital, she would grow “older’ much quicker. I had some antiflamatoric pills for him and tomorrow Monday afternoon will Maria go and pick him up and we will drive him in to the clinic for an examination and hopefully some “good heavy” medicine. Please keep your paws for Leo….if Plan A doesn’t work, I have a Plan B. Please follow Leo’s wishes from himself.