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Marua rescued a starving doberman with terrible skin mange last year in June. Ever since she has educated, running to the vet, medicated and done everything. Bella is today getting serialized. Bella is up for adoption, but Maura promised her when she found her to make her strong and beautiful before getting her a good family. I admire Maura for keeping her word. Maura also helped me with the wonderful puppies Rose and Cody. They were adopted 2 months ago by Erica and her family. And we promised her too that they would be serialized and castrated.

They were of course charming us all. You could notice that they came from a good family.

In the car, Cody sang but Rose was quiet. But we didn’t mind. At the vet with Dr. Gigi they were so good.

Even better behaving than me when I am visiting my doc.
More happened this day but that will be a follow up tomorrow.



Our little rescue puppy that Foster-mom Brandy is taking care of very well. Coco has a problem with her stools: loose. In the last blog entry about Coco, you could read that Jackie took her to the vet and got Coco vaccinated, changed diet etc. This morning I got an email from Brandy saying that the stools were loose and now she could see some blood. She wondered if it could be worms? I saw when Coco got de wormed and I also thought that she had been de wormed a second time. I said I couldn’t believe that but please get to the ER quick. Wonderful Brandy did! ER said it was worms and didn’t charge! They needed a stool sample tomorrow.

Brandy, wonderful foster-mom–and the ER vet at Villa Felice–thank you two fantastic people.

I got an e mail from a woman named Laura who told me that the store sold out a lot of dog things for 50 cent. At the same moment my husband was at the store so I called him and told him the great news. He bought several bags of shampoo, brushes, etc (this is only from one bag)

Thank you so much for that e mail–you helped AWL save a lot of money!

You remember Mario that lived around the gas station and loved his coffee bar woman that he always escorted home after her shift. This gas station is out in the middle of no-where, and next to the highway. Jackie and I went there and picked Mario up and took him to LegaProAnimale for castration. The coffee lady didn’t want him to get adopted away since she loved him so dearly, and he loved his gas station. We all love Mario, such a friendly and sweet boy.

At the vet clinic we get to know he has a microchip! I found out what dog catcher area he was registered in and Isabelle called. There is an owner who has sent in a missing dog paper!

The interesting part is that there was no phone number, only an address. Of course this is happening in the holiday season when the clinic is being closed a couple of days….poor Mario is in limb, in a kennel waiting. Tomorrow hopefully we can find out who is his owner and do they want him back??



Mario is a wonderful stray that takes care off the gas station and coffee bar lady. He walks her home after her hours and then returns to “where ever” he sleeps.

He also looked after Benjamin, Lucy and Abby. The same gas station.
AWL decided that we would spay him (and then return him) and today Jackie and I picked him up. We felt bad since we think he has never been in a car, never a leach and being lifted and put into a car…to a clinic….not knowing what’s happening!

It was hectic today at LegaPro but it is very interesting watching animals and their owner(s)

Dr Lorenzo checked Mario, and Mario was such a good boy. We are amazed how they trust us. But to our surprise he had a microchip! The owner has to be found they cannot spay him before that. The coffee lady told us he’s been keeping her company for 5 years….

Well, Mario is still at the clinic and we are waiting by the phone…what will that number tell us?

Abby’s Return


Today Abby was picked up from LegaProAnimale having been spayed, de-wormed and expot’ed. Her ear looks much better, now she only needs a nice bath!

Such a sweet heart. Sat in the backseat the whole way home, to her foster home. AWL is happy that she got a new start in life and thank you Brian for bringing her home.